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  1. Thanks guys. Interestingly, looking at a few quickly, Takahashi and Stellarvue don't seem too much of a price premium over the other makes. They also seem to focus much more on refractors. Orion Optics UK - I like the look of their carbon fibre 'scopes - look like serious business!
  2. I'm aware of brands like Skywatcher, Celestron, Orion, Discovery, Meade (half of which seem to be owned by the same companies). Are there any 'high end' telescope manufacturers that are considered a cut above those mentioned, or are those it? If there are, what differentiates them - primarily quality of optics or anything else?
  3. Thanks again guys, I really appreciate all that info - it's made things a lot clearer. I will try to get to some star parties now - there are some near me I've found. Thanks to your help, I'll have a clearer idea of what I'm looking at now and will be able to look out for the differences in 'scopes with a bit of an educated background. Josh
  4. Thanks very much everyone for your informative replies. Especially Stu. So it seems that to be on the safe side with regard to concerns about good seeing (assuming that it won't be good a fair amount of the time where I am) I should go for a lower aperture scope? Perhaps around 8". Alan, thanks for your suggestions. For longevity's sake, would I not want to go for the 200mm scope you linked to rather than the 150mm one? It's not much more expensive. Or does it not offer as good performance under an illuminated dome? To help me understand by comparison, if I'm now looking at an 8" 'scope on
  5. Edit, I've just seen in this thread (having said I couldn't see anything that answered my questions!) that Orion and Sky-watcher are owned by the same company. Does this mean the two models above area really the same scope? http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/259757-best-8-dobsonian-for-around-%C2%A3500/ P.S. How do I edit a post? I'd rather have put this in my OP than make a reply but couldn't see an edit button.
  6. Hi all, I've tried searching for answers to these questions as I don't want to ask something that's been answered lots before, but couldn't turn up anything. Forgive me if I've missed the threads! Having done a fair bit of reading around (I know I also need to try and get to a Star Party, which I will do soon) I've reached the conclusion that a 12" Dobsonian is likely the telescope for me. Because GoTo and tracking abilities are important to me, I believe the best choices are either an Orion SkyQuest xx12g GoTo Truss Tube or a Skyliner 300p. I don't think Meade's Lightbridge models have GoTo o
  7. Thanks guys. Michael - I've already emailed one academic from an astronomy course but he's not replied (based on my experience of tutors getting back to me when I was at university, I'm hardly surprised). Maybe I'll just email a few more at different universities however. I've had a look on Amazon for reviews but it's not thrown up much. Trazor, thanks, that's a great link! It's strange how these are core scientific texts but they’re not easily available. You can get any number of Greek/Latin ‘classics’, or indeed any major philosophical work, but it seems scientific treatises aren’t the done
  8. Hi all, As someone with a layman's interest in astromon, and wanting to read more about the history of it, I was wondering if anyone could tell me of any authoritative (or at least very good) biographies of the astronomers Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler? Also, are there any editions of their key works (perhaps annotated) that would be good for the lay-reader? In particular: - On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres - Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems - Astronomia Nova - Epitome of Copernican Astronomy Or maybe that just talk about the Copernican Revolution in an engaging way. T
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