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  1. I thought about going for something like a set of Meade 4000's maybe even Meade 5000 which are supposed to be a lot better than the 4000 but also quite a bit more money.

    The balance is great now. I used to have to use a couple of bumbell weights along with the telescope weights but I dont need them at all now :D

    I do have to make sure the weights are right at the end of the bar though to balance. I haven't yet tried it with a camera attached which will add a bit of weight but I am pleased with the result.

  2. Took your advice lukeyboy and you where right. It was simple, just tool the cap off where the dovetail bar sits and the dec shaft came straight out.

    I have had my Skywatcher 250 for a while now and it to was my first scope. I took the advice from the experts on this site when choosing and I wasn't disappointed with the choice especially when I had my first view of the moon through it. I think for the price its a fantastic buy and can hold its own with some of the more expensive scopes. One thing I would say is the eyepieces that are supplied are not brilliant and the crayford focuser could be a little more sensitive, but those are things that can easily be sorted.

    Mike :D

  3. Thanks for the reply Lukeyboy. I have the 250 to :D Looks like I have done it wrong then. Ill try what you suggest tonight. Your explanation is clear so hopefully I should be ok. Do you know if taking the head off would result in having to re-calibrate etc. Im not planning on doing this really but I have read some articles about people suggesting a re-grease on the gears. I just don't fancy turning a £400 mount into £400 of scrap :D


  4. Hi, just bought an extension bar for my HEQ5 to allow me to balance the telescope better - rather than adding more weights. But I cannot find any tutorials on how to take the old bar out.

    I took the bottom section off (the section where the bar slides out of) to see if this was where it was fixed but, it looks like I will have to also take the head section off (the part where the dovetale bar sits to hold the scope) and then push the bar right through?

    Im just a little concerned that I will destroy the mount taking the head off and it wont track again.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.



  5. I know what you mean about the moon captain. I was out again last night, only this time I was out just before dark and had a good couple of hours before the moon popped over the roof tops. The views where fantastic, even though light polluted. Had another great view of Andromeda and what I now think is M110? I used my bino's to scan the sky and saw quite a few faint fuzzy smudges one was around Dec 64o RA 12h 40m (give or take). When I put the scope on it I saw what looked like a dense packed star cluster. I stood and looking at it for quite some time. Beautiful! Saw quite a few things like that last night for the first time. Also got a great look at Saturn again, but this time managed to see some of it's moons, don't know which ones though, 3 quite close to Saturn and one further out.

  6. Hi all. Was out last night with my scope and the sky was the clearest Ive seen in Hull for ages, was out from about 7.30 till 11.30. The real bonus was I managed to see the Andromeda galaxy for the first time! At least I think thats what it was. Not really that visually impressive but was very pleased all the same to see my first galaxy, especially as I have been searching for it since I bought my scope. If I'm not mistaken I think I also saw another fuzzy galaxy below and to the right which was a bit fainter. I don't have any filters and I guess an OIII filter would make it stand out better? Also I only have the eyepieces that came with my SkyWatcher, a 10mm, 25mm and 2xBarlow. There probably not the best quality optically and I'm thinking of upgrading to some Meade 5000's (when I get a buyer for my kidney ;-)). I hear they are very good and should improve the view greatly.

    I also had a great view of Saturn passing close to the moon. It was amazing to watch and would have made a great photo if I had a camera (something else to add to the ever increasing shopping list). Also the Orion Nebula was stunning as always, everytime I see it I'm never disappointed.

    Anyway, I'm going to try again tonight, the weather is supposed to be even better!! So its out with the charts this afternoon to see what else I can find.

  7. Hi, I want to set up my mount so I can correctly polar align it and the instructions I used said I need to find my Longitude, so I used Google Earth which is really usefull for things like this! I put in my post code and it displayed the info I needed which was:

    Longitude: 0°20'37.18"W

    Could someone help me understand how I interpret this as RA for my mount (im Rubbish at maths) :D

  8. Hi, I have just bought a scope with the HEQ5 mount. Im not sure if im just being dumb, but, I followed the instructions on connecting the mount to the tripod which only seens to connect one way. What seems odd to me is that one of the tripod legs is labeled N (North) and is in alignment with the counter weight pole so when the weights are added it restricts movement of the scope. Is this correct or do I have a faulty mount?

  9. Hi, Just bought my first scope last week, after a lot of thought about which one to buy and also asking for advice on the forum I decided to go for (with some help from my flexible friend) a 10" SkyWatcher 250 - HEQ5 (What a beast). I was surprised at the size,I thought it would be big but wow!. Anyway, what I would like to ask is what type of lenses do you guys recommend? It came with a 10mm, 25mm and a 2x Barlow. I would love to be able to see some detail on the planets, Jupiter, Saturn etc and also view Galaxies, nebula if possible. Any advice would be great.



  10. Hi thanks for the advice, I would be looking to spend about £500 or so, I don't want to buy something I would be dissapointed with. I am interested in trying astro photography - deep space stuff, nedula etc, so thought an 8 inch scope would be good. The SOLIGOR was a scope I saw in the window of Jacobs photography along with a few Meade telescopes.


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