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  1. Hi, Thanks for all the replies. It seems like there isn't really an easy way to prove this from stellar observations alone. Maybe I can use the idea of the sun moving overhead to trigger some doubts in the characters. The ultimate reveal comes from a different source, I'm just wanting ways to prod the characters in the right direction. The points raised by acey are all valid and actually form the crux of the story. The train is massive and has fields, animals, recycling systems etc. on board - plus moisture scoops mounted on the outside to extract what little moisture there is the air for use
  2. Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong forum for such an enquiry - but I thought it would be worth a go. I'm working on a novel set on a train that endlessly circles an alien planet. The train travels around the planet's equator through a featureless desert - from west to east, with the sun rising ahead of it each morning and setting behind it each evening. For reasons that eventually become apparent, the knowledge that the train is circling a planet has been lost by the inhabitants of the train (the journey has been underway for thousands of years). They believe that they are on a journey that wi
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