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  1. I believe his problem was resolved last night by doing a factory reset. Turning the mount off and holding the 0 key down when turning it on
  2. Some basic questions since I'm looking at maybe picking up one of those power boxes. What are you powering the power box with? What else is connected to the power box? Do you still only g,t 7.5 if the camera is the only thing connected?
  3. If you are new and you don't want your daughters bored to tears, I strongly suggest a decent goto mount. Star hopping with a manual mount is possible, but it's not easy to learn and it is slow Even a Meade ETX or one of the small Celestron goto scopes would be better than a manual mount no matter what mount it is or what scope you put on it. Unless you want to spend most of your time trying to hop from star to star looking for what you actually want to see. If you want something that's easy to use and will last for a few years at least and let you slowly upgrade the rest of your equipment, I would look at the one of Celestron SE or Evolution scopes
  4. Maybe if you post a photo of your setup, someone may spot a problem
  5. The only other thing I can think of is calibrating the starsense. After the starsense alignment completes, press STARS and use the Menu to select a star and go to it, then using the HC, roughly center the star in the eyepiece and press enter, then finely center the star in the eyepiece and press enter,then press ALIGN and you should get a message REALIGNMENT REQUIRED and press enter to perform another starsense alignment. One it completes you should be good to go. In theory, if you don't remove the starsense or knock it out of alignment, you won't have to do the calibration again and sometimes even if you remove it and put it back on you might not have to do a calibration. But I do it every time I setup anyway, once you get used to it it only takes a few extra minutes and as with just about anything, the more you do something the quicker and easier it gets
  6. Not really clear on your process but it looks like you are doing a polar alignment after your starsense alignment. After you do the polar alignment, you need to do another starsense alignment and then you should be good.
  7. You will need the following Celestron 93920 Nexstar RS 232 PC Interface Cable And USB to Serial Converter Both are available from Amazon
  8. I thought the SS might just be a waste of money too until I stuck it on my scope. It's so nice to plug it in, turn it on and walk away to continue getting everything organized for the evening and come back in a couple of minutes and be able to start using the scope and it can do its job even when I can barely make out Vega in the sky! At that point the gotos are good enough to get the object I'm looking for well within the FOV of my 17mm for the rest of the evening. If I'm in a nitpicky mood or need really precise alignment, I'll throw in the 6mm and do a calibration after the auto align is complete. As for the GPS, it was given to me so it cost me nothing and I have it just in case I go somewhere that I don't already have the coordinates for and my mobile can't get a signal. Most of the time I don't use the GPS. Now, getting the Starsense to polar align on the Wedge is a whole different story with a bug that Celestron is working on so I work around that by first using the original HC and doing the alignment manually, then the ASPA, then unplug the HC and plug in the SS and SSHC and perform an automatic alignment. Unfortunately, that means having to wait until it's dark enough but the notes on the Team Celestron site regarding the problem indicate that they're confident they found where the bug is so they should have a fix for that soon as well
  9. That depends on the version of the star sense controller you have. Mine is a standard mini USB connection but older versions have an RS232 serial connection
  10. I'd first try the original HC connected and the GPS plugged in without the Starsense to see if it picks up the correct coordinates. If it doesn't, you might have a bad GPS unit but you should be able to enter the information manually without the GPS. If it does pick up the correct coordinates, try removing the original HC and connect the Starsense HC and try plugging the camera into the port on the GPS unit instead of using the port splitter. If none of this works, try connecting everything as you originally had it with the port splitter and update the firmware and try again. If you haven't updated the firmware in a while or ever, you should probably do that anyway.
  11. Definite for the dew shield and heater, and I'm thinking if you can swing it, given your mobility issues, you might be better off scrapping the RACI and buying the Star Sense adapter and possibly replacing the Celestron RDF with a Telrad although that would depend on the state of the RDF you receive, mine was barely usable.
  12. I noticed the clouds retreating this morning around 1AM so I jumped in my truck, grabbed a Tim Hortons and went to my local park. Was quite surprised by the numbers that I saw...counted 47 from about 1:30 AM until 4 AM when I decided to pack it in. What surprised me the most is the 13 I saw that instead of radiating outward from Perseus actually radiated inwards towards Perseus...never seen that many before. I also saw 17 really short almost pinpoint fireballs and 3 nice long ones that left trails behind
  13. Mine makes the same noise when it's tracking, but it's barely audible even when standing right next to the scope.
  14. I tried changing the theme using the link at the bottom of the page to the second theme in the list and don't like it, unfortunately, the links on the bottom don't work now so I can't change it back
  15. My dealer threw one of them in my package for free...not really much of a time saver unless you have difficulty entering your current time or your cell phone dies and you're all alone....but it does add to the cool factor
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