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  1. Yes, I fear that is the quickest think I will likely learn as I embark on said hobby. Fortunately, I have also always been one not to get too affected by the cold. Anything warmer than about 24 and I will start to sweat a bit, so not great in heat, but conversely, not too shoddy in the cold! lol.
  2. Haha, thank you, It was quite the view I must say, the gentle rippling of the yellow plastic looked beautiful in the early morning haze! :-p
  3. Didn't clear at all! So thus far we have looked at an extreme close up of her garden swing, a twig in a tree over the back of the garden fence and our letterbox on the front door! It's something I guess! haha.
  4. I will do, although as you say, doesn't look too good in the coming days for it. Looks like maybe a 2hr time window tonight from about 6-8 that I might be able to get out and have a quick look. Will see later on if I have time to get out there, but hopefully at least have a little look.
  5. Thanks again all. The 100p has been delivered from FLO this morning, so will try and get out one evening this week and give it a little test drive.
  6. Yep, It is getting dark at a good time now to start looking. Getting the garden done in 2 weeks too so getting a proper patio and stuff laid, so will make myself a really nice little obervation point somehow once that is done! lol. Should be good fun.
  7. I wish I understood what most fo you were saying! haha. I'll start with the 100p, see how we get on, and I guess as I start actually using it then the terminology and so forth will come a bit more natural as I explore.
  8. Thanks everyone for all the ideas and suggestion. All much appreciated. I showed some of the options to my daughter, along with a barbie but she is dead set on a telescope, and seems to like the 100P. I figured if I let her have a say in the equipment we buy, then she is more likely to use and interact with it, hopefully. So looks like it's a 100p for us as a starter scope. Not sure how good a detail I will see of things with it, but if it takes off and we both enjoy doing it together and can keep it up, then I might spend a few hundred after christmas etc and get something a little more decent. Really just to see how interested she remains at this stage.
  9. I will see what I can find. Think I might look second hand market, hopefully pick up something fairly nice for sort of £75 or summin like that maybe.
  10. Ah ok, I didn't really understand what you just said to me but I trust you! lmao. I need to get to grips with all this terminology and understand what, in real world terms it all means. Maybe I should of tried to do that before posting, but keen to get on it and try and get something ordered as Pay day is today so seems the time to get on it
  11. Yeah, I was very impressed, I was genuinely shocked when she came out with it. Good to encourage things though I think, may not stick, but one of the things she shows an interest in will, and that could be something that she might do for the rest of her life! It will turn out to be shopping probably but one can hope! lol
  12. Yeah, precisely what I am worried about. What is the Heritage 76 like? Anyone know? Shorter focal length, so assuming less detail of distant object, but not sure if it would be good enough for my daughter, and being very small might appeal to her?
  13. Thank you. I'll take a look. Haha, no worries, the advice is good and that's what I was asking for! Cheers though, appreciated.
  14. I assume the equitorial mount is just the eye piece off centered to the side is it? Apologies again, I haven't even started looking properly into all this yet, so not sure on all of the terms and so forth. :-s
  15. Thanks Bubbles, Is this likely the price point I am looking at as a family intro do you think? I see lower rate Celestrons and Skywatchers fro sort of £60 upwards, just not sure if they are realistically Rubbish and not worth the cash and so forth. I might even have a look at the second hand market as well, might be able to pick soemthing like this up at under £100?
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