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  1. I use stellariumscope to simplify things a bit ... plug the usb from hand controller to the laptop and put the mount in pc-direct mode. When first selecting the mount I choose POTH (hub) so that other apps can talk to the mount. PHD2 connects no problem after that and I use APT and it connects no prob. stellariumscope runs on top of EQMOD so it's there too...
  2. I might look into making a coolbox as the 7D does not have a flip-out screen and may not work with Martin Pyott's approach
  3. Thanks..i watched his videos..i may try something like that
  4. Hi all, i have a modded 7d and i'm considering diy cooling options. Is there a proven solution that's worth doing? I came across some people using thermo silicone pads ..cold fingers...fans..dual stage tec..sealed cases...
  5. flocking paper in the baffle tube seems to get the flares under control..here's a before/after shot using a homemade star
  6. Update: All is good, my order was out of stock, but shipping tomorrow
  7. just curious if anyone else has encountered problems when dealing with fpi-protostar? http://www.fpi-protostar.com/ I ordered some flocking paper from them 2 weeks ago but they don't return my emails or answer the phone? they are still in business, right?
  8. I'm currently controlling my C8 using PHD for guiding and a GPUSB unit to connect to the ST4 port. Is this setup capable of GOTO with the right software? If so, what software? thanks
  9. it seems that the reducer is a key player, i don't get the halos/loops when i remove it. But, I'm not sure if it is producing the reflections or amplifying what is coming off of the baffle
  10. I'm also wondering if my dew shield could be the culprit?..i always have it on
  11. thanks happy-kat, I read that thread and found another thread saying don't bother..but some of the results look promising
  12. Is it possible to eliminate the loop flares that I'm getting when shooting images with bright stars? happens while using dslr connect to c8 sct with focal reducer/corrector. I've attached a picture of M 109 with a bright star out of view (Phad of Ursa Major?) mag 2.4
  13. at this stage, I'm using a logitech c260..it seems to work so far. I need to come up with a better connection between the cam and the scope.
  14. This is actually an excellent point - mastering the gear and techniques ensures it's done right when the conditions are perfect. I'd like to be proficient and know my way around my equipment when there's no time to waste. The only way to get that is through practice. It will pay off on those nights when it's crystal clear I hope. I'm surprised at how many issues pop up when I try to get some images - everything from alignment, tracking, seeing, darkness, clouds, focus, collamation, temperature, frost, wind, power, location, storage, wires, flash lights, cell phone, time, mistakes, forgetting things...
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