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  1. When people say this is no good for astrophotography as its an alt-az rather than an EQ mount I get a bit confused. If it tracks at sidereal rate surely this would stop star trails? Or am I missing something fundamental?

    I can sort of understand you would get apparent movement at the edge of your frame as the camera isnt rotating its just going up and down, but would this effect be horrendous, and how long would it take for this to become apparent?

    This could be easily answered if someone has a long exposure or stacked image example they could post. I have a nice 400mm lens that has enough zoom to get images of Jupiter with some details, and stacking 100's of these a-la webcam imaging would be fun.

    My love of photography out weighs astonomy at the moment and I cant afford nice telescope and EQ mount. Its a bit expensive just for auto panaorama's and time lapse with movement.

    Anyone got images to share?

  2. Can anyone tell me what the green blob is in the image below.

    It was taken on March 20th at 19:52.


    Venus Jupiter and ? by Bambi_72, on Flickr

    I cant find anything it can be in my limited astronomy books or using Stellarium. The 100% view shows a trail the same length as the rest of the star trails at the centre of the blob.

    The only thing I can think it could be is some sort of internal lens reflection. It was taken using a 50mm f1.8 prime lens stopped down to f5.6. It is not a one off either it appears on all the images I took that evening.

    I have attached a 100% crop of the blob.


  3. I searched for weeks and weeks before buying my 1000d, and ended up going to Jessops, they were very reasonable with the price.

    The accessories with that bundle dont look like they are worth £100, I would steer clear of the 'chinese extras', the flash probably isntmuch beter than the built in flash, and the wide angle and telephoto 'lenses' are just filters that screw onto the front of your lens. You could probably pick up a Tamron 70-300mm lens for around £120 bundles with the camera, a much better way to get rid of £100....

  4. Steve

    I've just checked it on a second computer and it's fine. Looks like it's my machine that's been hacked . F**K!

    It might just be your security settings have gone screwy, always worth resetting everything back to default, and disabling any Antivirus/firewall for a few seconds to recheck the site.

  5. Was this a fairly cheap USB2 card?

    There were 1000's of usb2 cards around a few years ago that never worked as USB2 all made with the same chipset, I cant recall the name now, but I went through 3 or 4 different cheap usb2 cards a few years back and never got one to work. Spent months trawling through tech sites for answers and it eventually boiled down to the fact that the cards would never do usb2 speeds whatever drivers/os/bios settings you threw at them. Sorry to put a downer on things, let me know if I am wrong though and you get it sorted...:D

  6. I have found the hardest part of taking shots like this with my 1000d is getting the focus spot on. Everything appears great in the live view, zoomed in to x10 but the actual pics always seem to have blobs for stars rather than nice points. I will have to try stopping the lens down to f5.6 or 6.3. I have always assumed the lowest f stop to get the most light in and gone for f3.5, but obviously not.

  7. I have had a 1000d since January, and have not found anything wrong with it.

    I also have the Tamron lens you mention, you can get some nice close-up shots with it in its 1:2 macro setting. You do notice the lack of IS when its at its longer focal lengths though, but thats the same for all long lenses I guess.

    I bought a Jessops flash in the sale as I couldn't justify canons prices for a flash gun to the wife, and it has worked well with full TTL control.

  8. My 1st post, so a little hello first...

    hello.. I have been a telescope owner since my late teens, and know a fair few of the basics but am always learning! Now I am too old to be out drinking every night I want to get myself a 'proper' telescope to replace my 15+ year old Russian Tal 110 reflector, which I am sure is built out of old tank parts.

    I am looking at the Skywatcher range of reflectors especially the 200P on an HEQ5 mount (f5 version).

    I plan to use this for visual observation and imaging, mainly with a DSLR in prime focus or piggybacked for wide field photography, maybe a nice ccd a few years down the line.

    Does this sound like a good choice for imaging and visual?

    From what I have been reading the HEQ5 mount is a better choice than the EQ5, but it also adds a LOT to the bill. Experience tells me that the extra money will be worth it in the long run, so I think its the HEQ5. Now this leads me to my next question, GOTO or not-GOTO?

    I have been looking into the EQMod thingy that many people here seem to use, does this provide goto capability via a laptop, basically replacing the goto handset? So I could get away with a Syntrek version without goto and control via a pc and save a couple of hundred quid?

    I'm open to suggestions to a totally different setup, I am looking to spend between £700-1000. I was looking at telescopeplanet, bu after reading on here they can look at my bargepole! Anyone got anything bad to say about pulsar-optical?

    Sorry for such a long post..

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