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  1. and now my remake and very last version. My evostar 72ED arrived and now i must wait clear sky to see how it will preform on M13
  2. to add one to the ongoing 130PDS imaging saga
  3. was thinking the same and it is indeed that i will have to work on the correct spacing. and below is my answer to the gradient thingy
  4. Hello all, yes another M13 shot i did. i discovred i start to have the habbit to photograph this object each time it is up and i have a new piece of equipement to test. This time the new equipement was Touptek ATR3-1600-KPA (OSC Cmos ,much alike Zwo ASI1600-Pro color ) and also a new guidecam : Touptek 2000KMB mono guider. I am actuall quite amazed what came out. realizing this is the second night working with Kstars,... and the cams ofcourse ( once i managed manual focus with guider and main-camera , i went sleeping ). my stars are in all four corners 'quite long' so i think i might have to adapt my Baader MPPC Mk3 coma corrector (also the first time used) a bit. Gain : 0 T° : 0°C exposures: 1*20s , 1*60 , 1*70 and 26*75s. total : 35 mins 15 darks are made and 30 bias. telescope : Skywatcher 130PDS mount : Skywatcher EQM35Pro
  5. some more images of my come-back-to-astrophotography sessions on NGC 4565 it is no vignetting. just trying some new ways to present my images all are taken on an EQM35PRO mount , and a Fujifilm xt-2 mirrorless camera. i am considering an CC for my "little gem" : i am leaning to the Baader MPPC III . or would the Skywatcher itself be a good one? i will also look in the future for a CMOS.. any advice is welcome
  6. congrats to the winners! must pay more attention ( read , checking more often SGL ) for those challenges.
  7. i losen just a tick up my bolt of the Dec axis inside the mount just a tick. and moved the mount head slow left and right till i felt no more 'counterpressure' when going south. i calibrated my guiding and.... no more messages that my south movement was insufficient
  8. something else you might consider. had still some issues in my declination south movement since PEC-training only helps de RA-axis. i screwed open my gearbox of the declination. the motor was kinda worse off-setted installed and gears too. so i losen up the bolts a bit and with some fiddling i re-aligned the gear and motor in relation to the mount tested it all after. with mount, .. and looked trough my finderscope if i let the DEC-axe run. no more delay apparently. now waiting for clear kies to test it on the stars and guiding. the corrected one the faulty one
  9. oh and if your mount can PEC train. you can select after its training sidereal+PEC. i helped working out some high PE during guide.
  10. and yes i need a coma corrector so hard
  11. a lot went wrong last night , the polar drift alignement i tried in PHD wouldn't work , phd lost several time his guidestar during calibration. after my 4th and final re-balance, .... . the moon was up. however i maged to sueeze a 40*60s out of M44 and a 40* 50 s out of M36. DSS eventually to 38 out of the 40 images ( on every object i had serious guid faults ) so happy i could go to bed with 2 Messiers less left on my photographic list .
  12. looks nice , you are planning on getting more data on this beauty?
  13. i like them both. but he upper one has my preference. nice job anyway!
  14. a great idea indeed to try out myself. but first learn the ups and down in AP . i started however photographing Messiers because they are 'easy preys' .
  15. i did finally restarted with AP after lots of issues family and personal wise. but now i am finally getting over all, including fighting now for 4 weeks+ against CoViD19 . i am happy to be back here and my planning is to stay and bang everything there is out of my PDS and EQM35PRO mount. for the moment i use a Fujifilm X-T2 to photograph with. Autosave 1.tif M38 38*50s iso800 M37 39*50s iso 800 M42 67*20s M13 color and B&W 22*60s , 20*50s and 19*40s A little update
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