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  1. These captures from morning of 1.10.11 showing the main groups with different filters. Top, white light with Baader Herschel Wedge. Lower, Ha with SolarMax 90 filter. Telescope for both is Tak 102 refractor. Link to hi-res image: Solar images
  2. Thanks. Camera is SkyNyx 2.1 on a Tak FS102 with Baader Herschel Wedge. I used a Meade x1.25 telenegative for this magnification.
  3. Hi-res link here: Solar images This shot captured this morning in London (29 degrees). Laptop finally switched itself off due to heat buildup after a morning of captures in spite of being shielded from direct sunlight. A record breaking day here!
  4. Hi-res link: Solar images This is a roundup of images from yesterday morning.
  5. Images shot an hour apart this morning. Hi-res link: Solar images
  6. Plus another capture from 30th: Solar images
  7. 29 degrees here in London today, however turbulence affecting the seeing and, as consequence, images not as defined as yesterday. This is two active regions in closeup with a Baader Herschel Wedge. Hi-res link here: Solar images
  8. Clayton, click on the hi-res link and capture caption should appear! Here’s the RGB final file: Planets and Comets
  9. Thanks! Here’s more of the disk from this morning: Solar images rgds Malcolm
  10. Hi-res link here: Solar images Capture of this massive and complex region from this morning.
  11. Hi-res link here: Solar images Another disk detail from this morning.
  12. Hir-es link: Solar images Small capture of this active region this morning.
  13. Hi-res link here: Planets and Comets My first imaging in months, Jupiter on the Meade 12" sct in heavy dew conditions, but a warm night. RGB combine to follow.
  14. This was captured on a fixed tripod with a Nikon D3 and 14-24mm lens recently, seen above the village of Belle Plagne in Savoie at 6,100ft. Hi-res link: CCD astro images
  15. I’ve put together this collection of images captured over 5 years so far. Never managed a consistent run of the moon in one period due to UK weather, and still missing some phases including fine crescents, but work in progress: Lunar images
  16. Hi-res link here: Lunar images A three panel mosaic of the moon from 9th May, taken on a Tak FS128 refractor with red filter and SkyNyx 2.1 camera.
  17. Hi-res link: Planets and Comets Several hours of captures of Saturn in RGB in what turned out to be good conditions last night (3rd May). Images taken through Meade 12" sct with x2.5 Powermate and SkyNyx 2.1 camera. New disk image added, hi-res link here: Planets and Comets
  18. Colour added, RGB image: Planets and Comets
  19. Thanks. I used a x2.5 Powermate to get closer. Tried the x5 Powermate but seeing wasn’t up to it.
  20. Planets and Comets Captured this on 24th using the Lum filter (RGB still to be processed) on the 12" Meade sct. Conditions reasonably steady compared to previous nights but a lot of light pollution from haze.
  21. Hi Mark Thanks. The surface detail is captured with an H-alpha solar filter. I use a Solarmax 90 filter with Blocking Filter 15 on my standard astronomical refractor however there are a number of alternatives (all costly) on the market now including Lunt, Coronado and Solarscope. Well done on your first solar image, similar to the first one I took a few years ago. Beware, it’s compulsive!
  22. Very good first solar shot, well done!
  23. Hi-res link: Solar images Detail of proms on the limb, morning of 20th.
  24. This is a closeup of 11191 and 11194 from morning of 19.4.11. Hi-res link: Solar images
  25. Hi-res link here: Solar images This is a same scale comparison of the sun captured back-to-back on morning of 8.4.11.
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