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  1. Had a short go at this with the Ha filter, close to the Heart Nebula, tonight before cloud rolled in around 10.00pm, so only 6 x 15min subs collected. Hi-res link here: deep sky images
  2. Lovely image Lester, delicately processed.
  3. Great image, lovely detail and colour.
  4. Managed some additional data on this last night, also capturing 8x15min darks and revisited a gradient in the original background. Setpoint cooling was -22 degrees. Bias, darks and flats subtracted in Maxim DL. Hi-res image here: deep sky images
  5. Beautifully framed image Steve.
  6. Thanks for looking everyone, and for the kind comments. Steve, the chip is the Kodak KAI-11002. Having tried various cameras out on the Tak 180 astrograph I’ve decided to keep the Artemis camera and narrowband filter wheel permanently attached to it. Edgeof field flatness with such a large chip is superb and the sensitivity of this camera on the fast f/2.8 optics is amazing, even the raw unflatfielded subs always look astonishing. It’s a wonderful camera, only fly in the ointment is I occasionally have devilish problems with my (poweful) laptop freezing with this camera, doesn’t happen with any of the other ccd’s I use. Still, it’s worth the grief!
  7. Thanks all. Rich - the filter is a standard 2" Astronomik Ha, 12mn.
  8. This is an attempt at the Heart Nebula from London with the wonderful Art 11002 big chip on the Tak 180 ED at f/2.8, 10 x 15min subs with lots more subs ruined by passing clouds. Horrendous problems connecting the Art with Maxim DL ealier in the night, finally got going around 10.00pm: Hi-res here: deep sky images What a camera! Subs always look amazing.
  9. This is the third outing with the SXVR-M25C camera on the Tak 180 f/2.8 astrograph, having sourced new extension rings to counter vignetting. Pleased with the signal from the SXVR-M25C but I’m picking up a strange vertical mark towards the centre of the image which travels two thirds of the way up the frame, not sure what the cause is but it requires further investigation. It’s not a problem I’ve encountered when using the SXVR-M25C on my Tak refractor so may be created by internal reflections via the Tak 180. However here is the splendidly named Heart Nebula, 140mins of exposure time in 10min subs from London with the one shot colour camera: Hi-res here: deep sky images
  10. Great widefield. Always look forward to this region coming around each year.
  11. Well, first post here so be gentle.... it all looked for a promising imaging night on 28.9.09 however mist arrived rapidly and turned to thick cloud at 0.30am, so the last 2hrs of subs were nothing but cloud. Amazed I got even this, such is the power of an Ha filter in less than perfect conditions. OIII and SII yet to be collected. Captioned hi-res image here: deep sky images Also lined up on NGC 7538 at the outset (out of curiosity, only 4 subs though): Hi-res here: deep sky images
  12. malp

    Hello from London

    I’ve been imaging in colour and narrowband for 4 years from London with orange city skyglow to the N and E, my house to the W and a large apple tree to the SE, so overhead is best!
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