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  1. OK, I'm in. Where do we start?
  2. Highflight

    Parallelogram mounts

    Thanks John, Mike and Steve. Will look into this. Chris.
  3. Highflight

    Parallelogram mounts

    Does anyone know where in the UK I can get a large Parallelogram mount and tripod for 25x100mm big bins please? Must be brand new.
  4. Highflight

    4x Powermate and Canon 1100d.

    Hi all. Can someone tell me if it is possible to connect a 4x Powermate to a 300p goto Dob and then connect a Canon 1100d to the Powermate please? I've never heard of it being done before but I would like to magnify an image of Saturn if possible. Hope someone can advise. Thanks, Chris.
  5. Highflight

    RIP Sir Patrick

    He passed away peacefully at his home in Selsey, just after 12 noon today. RIP Never forgotten.
  6. Many thanks for that Roger. I couldn't find one for my HP Pavilion dm1, but I've emailed them to see if they have a suitable adaptor. Chris.
  7. Hi Bizibilder. You wouldn't happen to know what that adapter is called, would you? I've looked on Amazon but there are so many different ones I don't know which one to get. Thanks, Chris.
  8. Don't you believe it... lol.
  9. Highflight

    2" ep's on LX90.

    Hi Barkis. I haven't actually got the 2" diag yet but I'm thinking about a WO Dielectric, one of those 'superbright' ones. I've only seen pictures of them, but they look quite long, but didn't realise they had an extender on them. Hopefully that may cure the problem. Most grateful for your help on this. Chris.
  10. Hi Folks. Would like a little advice please. I'm toying with the idea of changing my 1.25 ep's to 2". The problem that I can see is that the 2" diagonal would hit the base (battery box) on my LX90 if the scope were to be aimed upright. Do you think a wedge would help with this problem? Would be grateful for any other suggestions as well. Thanks. Chris.
  11. Highflight

    Power Tank?

    Thats way over the top for me. I bought a 110ah leisure battery and box, + 3 point cigar connector from Alpha Batteries for £90. Saved all the hassle of building it.
  12. Highflight

    Another new astronomer for you to help ;)

    Hi Gareth & Mel. Welcome aboard. Another good (must have) book you'll need, Turn Left at Orion. Chris.
  13. Highflight


    Works ok for me. Wow! Nice one. Chris.
  14. Highflight

    what binoculars do you own

    Here I am, 25 x 100's. + Manfrotto tripod and ball head, and they need it, lol. Chris.
  15. Highflight

    Exploding Balloon?

    Phil, I think I may have the answer, but not actually seeing the 'balloon', I can't actually be sure. There was some kind of 'fete' ahead of the Shoreham air show this week and several mini gas balloons were released. These balloons are about the size of Chinese lanterns but filled with helium and heated by a firelighter underneath. (Similar to a Chinese lantern). Maybe that's what your Dad saw. Either way, they're a damn nuisance. Hope that helps. Chris.

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