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  1. Hey /Dan; I thought that I was building on a hill, but was I wrong Looks great!!! Kim
  2. Roll-Off-Roof, Siding, and OSB, Oh My! Well, I was two days late and a few $$$ more, but it is now time to focus my efforts on the inside of the building. You see, its a funny thing, but I hope to see first light before Christmas, so I only have about 6 weeks to git there!!! The Roll-Off-Roof partially open, rolls like it is on butter! I estimate the completed weight to be 860lbs, that is with the steel roofing in place. There are 14 polyurethane wheels, 7 per side, rated at 250lbs carrying capacity each, so it rolls without any physical effort on my part. The roof for the warm room is in pl
  3. Hey Tim; Appreciate the comments, not sure though, you might be giving me more credit than is due, but I'll take it anyway I made a few changes along the way, a little input from my wife as well as friends when they stopped by, and a few ideas garnered from the other projects here on the forum. We are about 400' above the valley floor, so I had to make it strong, the winds get pretty high up here, but the view is great! The biggest issue (IMHO) with the roof is getting everything sealed, no one needs a room full of dust a debris. I will be using chain binders on each corner to keep the roof
  4. If I had not ordered the metal roof material already, I would have gone the same route! Quite obviously I did not do my homework thoroughly enough
  5. You are correct, but then the long, arduous process of alignment etc., will begin. We got the siding and roofing on late Friday, I will post those pics later today. Just in time as well, the rains began early Saturday morning. As far as headroom- yes, when the mount is parked, I will clear just fine, about 3 inches or so. I know it is not much, but I am pretty careful about checking and re-checking things before I pull the trigger. The pier is placed so North is to a corner, which makes it clear quit easily. Famous last words, right? I decided to use good ol' steel, will clean and coat wh
  6. I love the ROR, "Rip Off Roof!" Man, that will get you viewin' the stars super fast Kim
  7. Well, it has been a week of hard work, and with the storms moving in, it was time to move! I have to admit that I had some extra hands helping me this week, and man does that make things go fast. Everyone involved has building experience, and knows to ask if they hit a snag or don't know which way I might be headed. All in all, we accomplished in 2 1/2 days what it would have taken 7-10 days for me to do. In my last post, I hinted at something a bit more than I was willing to admit to, and here is a pic of that. Notice that the outrigger rail supports are not there yet. I jumped the gun a bit,
  8. We just finished dinner, so its family time, and in the morning I will post a dozen or so. We actually got going so fast with 5 people working, I missed getting a few shots, but hey, we got a lot done The Ondura really looks interesting, and probably a decent product. I went with the metal for weight, and will have insulation on the inside of the ROR that should keep it quiet Kim
  9. Hey Scorpius; Well, there is some green type stuff on the top of the building, and if and when the rain comes in the morning, we'll see if it does its job I had the help of a few friends Thursday and Friday, and another good friend came by today, and things look really good. I will post a few pics in the morning (Sunday). Kim
  10. Seriously, it really looks great! You are right about the siding really soaking the paint up, can make you a bit neurotic trying to get it looking decent at times Have you decided on the roofing material yet? I opted for steel, OSB for the sheathing, and be good with it. I have no snow load issues here, so it will be fine. I notice your four-legged night-time cohort ready to move in Kim
  11. A Hah!!! You've been a busy man!! I'll letcha bask in your well earned glory until tomorrow morning Looks great!!!! Kim
  12. Well, a bit of light rain this weekend, not the deluge that we were promised, so we got to work a bit which was great! I have a few friends (4) that helped me today, and will be here tomorrow and Thursday, and with a bit of luck, we'll have a roof in place by the end of the day. Here are a couple of "teaser pics" I took today The secured end of one support beam for the roll-off roof. Each is a contiguous 20' beam... The business ends of the beams. I still have the forms in place, and they will remain until I am done building... Is that some OSB shear I see in the pic's? Thanx for watchin
  13. Thanx Horwig! I know to many it seems like overkill, and I certainly do not mean it to be so, only want to do this one time I'mm still in the warm room planning stages, always open to any ideas and input from all. The scope room is pretty well done (in my mind), but we'll see as I go forward. Thanx again for the good words!!! Kim
  14. I agree with you regarding the T1-11, and have heard good things about SmartSide, which is what I'm using, only the shiplap style instead of panels. It is a tad bit more expensive, but I think in the long term you'll be more pleased. So basically you are good to go. If you don't shear the building make sure you block it well, pretty easy and cheap to do. Just my .02 sense Kim
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