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  1. That's it. You twisted my arm. I am searching for a 40mm ep. I'll get back to you when I get one
  2. I'll look into 40mm. Seems interesting thing. Thanks for your advice.
  3. I thought of 24mm panoptic. Don't you think the 40mm is a overkill. It gives a me approx 14x magnification. My fl is 558
  4. Which Ep should I replace for my Megrez90 ? Or are they fine?
  5. Hi Have a look at this web site https://www.cases-and-enclosures.co.uk/ maybe or maybe not usefull
  6. Now you have opened a can of worms for me to think about. LOL
  7. What your opinion on Paragons EPs compared to aero ed
  8. They do look good. Tried to google them not much comes up. Look very hard to find.
  9. It's average and cheaper than televue Ep's . I wear glasses as well. Any other good suggestions for a low power Ep around that range with good eye relief that will fit my last empty space in my case
  10. looking for 1 more Low power Ep. maybe 36mm hyperion to finished my case
  11. My WO Megrez 90 Not had chance to used it yet. Too much work going on. Newbie at this game
  12. Hi Iam intetested in the megrez scope. Pm sent Billybobsok
  13. hi

    have you still got the m43 to t2 adaptor ?

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    2. red dwalf

      red dwalf

      All packaged and will be in the post tomorrow, did get chance today due to work.

    3. balzer



      Looking forward to it.

    4. balzer



      Just letting you know that I received the adapter.

      Many Thanks


  14. Have to try that 1 day when clear skies
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