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  1. Hi Scott - congrats on your first observations - it allways reminds me of how excited I got when I first saw Jupiter and Saturn in my first scope (SW150P like yours). You just can't beat the rush lol - well done!. And of course a happy new year to you too
  2. Hi Dave - welcome to SGL and Happy New Year to you as well
  3. Same to you Dave - Happy New Year We just went outside to watch the fireworks which is why I took a while responding lol
  4. The cpc800 is certainly a very nice scope. But it is alt/az mounted so imaging has it's challenges. For planets no problem, but for dso's it would require a wedge and a lot of setting up as well as a guide scope and camera mounted on it. That in turn means changing the bearings to accommodate the extra weight and or counterweights, even then it still has to track in 2 planes. It's a lot of work but can be done. I'd use the cpc for guiding and mount a wide field good quality refractor for imaging. My cpc is mostly used for observing/imaging planets. However I feel an equatorial mount would be far more appropriate in your case. You'd still need to guide but the mount is ready to go so long as the sum weight of the bit's attached don't exceed it's capacity. And you'd only be tracking in one plane which would be more accurate. You'd also have to budget in a laptop or netbook for capturing frames and monitoring guiding. Imaging can be a bottomless pit for money lol.
  5. Thanks for the correction John - yes it's focal ratio. I know one or two people who use an aperture mask with 2 or 3 different sized apertures for that purpose. Mostly large dob owners
  6. Ahh I remember now - 500mm focal length. To get 142x magnification you'd need to barlow a 7mm ep or use a 3.5mm ep. You may be stretching the scopes capability with those - even high quality ep's will just magnify "seeing" conditions at that power. I like the sound of your budget though - you'll get something really tasty for £1200. Something like this would be a great step into decent observing and allow £300(ish) for accessories: Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 200P HEQ5 PRO E.g. power pack, collimator, eye pieces, etc
  7. Hi Pete - yes you can use it to reduce aperture. Looking at the moon anywhere between full and half, can be very bright and blinding. I replace the main cap and take the small one off to reduce the glare. It can also be used to change the focal ratio slightly - but I never worked out by how much lol (edited "focal length" to "focal ratio")
  8. That's a great result moondog - well done. Which scope/mount was it by the way? You'll need to be careful with ep's as you get higher magnification cos you may need better quality ones. Cheers
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    Hi Rory and welcome to SGL
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    Hi Musasi and welcome to SGL
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    Hi Neebuz and welcome to SGL
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    Hi Yidoboy and welcome to SGL
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    Hi Dan and welcome to SGL from me too
  14. I believe it's the Orion 9x50 raci : Orion 9x50 Right Angle Finder
  15. Click "Control Panel" at the top left of any page then scroll down the left hand side till you find "Edit Signature"
  16. Ajay and Blackf - If you can remove the fog from Leicester I'll forgive you both lol
  17. Hi Nffc - apologies if my welcome seemed in any way "unwarm" - you are of course very welcome here. I can see my initial advice could have been explained better and do hope I haven't caused you to feel awkward or unwelcome in any way. In all honesty though, you can try the upgrades and objects suggested by Luke and Capricorn, but I don't think it will be long before you either want a better instrument, or turn away from the hobby alltogether (my worst fear). We all love astronomy here and it agrieves me that the Nat Geo is sold as a telescope rather than as a toy. I'd much rather see you with a good basic model of proper scope which I know will give pleasing views and stimulate enough interest to keep you going for many years to come. Please feel free to join the "East Mids Stargazers" social group. We are based here at SGL and have established dark sites in Sawley and Belper where we meet for regular observing and social events as a local group. It's a friendly bunch and you'll benefit from seeing and using other telescopes which will help put many things "astronomy" in perspective for you. (Just click the link in my signature for further details). Once again - a very warm welcome to SGL
  18. I agree with Whippy - the 8mm is smashing and suits all my scopes (esp the cpc), and Olly on the Radians - also with Altair on the 8mm-24mm zoom - a super general purpose ep, and with whoever said don't get all 8 at once lol. You can achieve a range focal lengths with just two well calculated hyperions and both fine tuning rings (28mm and 14mm - only around a tenner each). I have the 17mm, 8mm, and the zoom plus both ftr's and this provides close to the flexibility of a whole set (it'll save you a few bob too). I also have the 12mm 8mm and 5mm Radians for crystal clear close up stuff. Any combination of these will give great results with a Celestron Ultima or Orion Shorty 2x barlow. Buying s/h from the right source is allways a good idea - the savings you make will be well worth it. Or you can get "2 for 1" new, in the bank hol sales at some retailers. Just a few ideas for you that may help
  19. Hi Nffc and welcome to SGL I've never used the Nat Geo scope but unfortunately they don't get very good reviews. I agree with umadog's advice to either sell or try for a refund. A much better first instrument would be the Skywatcher 130P which can be had for between £120-£160 depending on which mount and wether you get a motorised one. It's a proper scope rather than something "toylike". See here for the various models: Reflectors Hope that helps
  20. I noticed the return of the SEB in your pics (like umadog above) which is a great achievement. The pics are not bad at all especially considering Jupiter is way past best and the seeing hasn't been brilliant either. Good first attempts
  21. Hi Don and welcome to SGL As Seedy mentions, use a further target - maybe the tip of a pylon or church spire in the far distance. Anything too close will be blurry.
  22. Hi Robbin and welcome to SGL
  23. Hi Dan and welcome to SGL - nice scope and a great age to start the hobby with near perfect eyes lol
  24. Hi Steve and welcome to SGL Now all you have to do is persuade your wife of the benefit to the kids of a set of Televue Ethos eye pieces lol
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