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  1. Forgot to say, The scope is around 47" long with a 3" object lens..
  2. Hi all I ventured to a local bootsale this morning due to the nice warm weather and bought a strange old scope! It's probably only fit for the bin as there's a stain on the object lens, It seems like moisture has found it's way between the lenses!, Also It seems that the eyepiece lenses are 1" dia, I've looked on flreabay and can't find a single one!! It also has no mount!! So, Have I wasted the fiver that I paid for it? PS, Also bought a couple of binoculars too!! Cheers, John
  3. Hi all Recently i've gotten to like binoculars and have bought a few pairs recently!! The latest are a pair of Nikon Monarch 8x42 waterproof, I got them at the local bootsale and have to say the quality is phenominal!!! I paid just £20 for them and have been told that they're over £200 new!!.. I believe they're classed as roof prism binoculars... I bought a pair of Zeiss Jena last week from a lady on fleabay, I made her an offer of £25 if they didn't sell on the bay, no one made the opening bid of £40 but she said in the auction (to someone else) that she would probably accept an offer of ov
  4. Thanks for the info gents Regards, John
  5. Hi all I've started collectiong binoculars without realising it , i'm up to around eight pairs now A set of Komz 8x30 are my favourites, they're fantastic!!.. They're small/lightweight enough to put in my workbag, on nightshift I like to have a walk out with the bins on my break but it seems like the gods know this and make it overcast purposely every time I recently also bought a pair of compact 10x50 Selsi bins with Japanese optics which are ver nice and crisp too, I must admit that i'd never heard of Selsi bins and googled them, it would appear that they are more popular in the US... The
  6. Oh Dear I hope you get your stuff back and the thieving toerags get their come-uppance and end up as 'Bubba's plaything' Regards, John..
  7. Hi I don't really shoot my guns (i just collect them because i like the workmanship that goes into them, same with my watches and other stuff really) Wiring the bonsai isn't too bad on my hands though if i'm at it for long periods then they do start to hurt and go very stiff, the worst thing is when i wind maual wind watches up, the main joint in my thumb is the worst affected and manual wind watches with small crowns are very difficul to grip.. I used to repair watches as a hobby but now i can't grip the small screwdrivers:( From experience of the S-16 i wouldn't buy another, mine has h
  8. Hmmm, i must be going senile, i forgot to mention our Midge, hopefully she'll be MOT'd and painted up by next July so that i can attend the Modget 50 gathering:hello2: She will be bumperless and all the holes will have been welded up by then.... John:)
  9. Hi Kris.. I have a small collection of British air pidtols too (Webley and BSA overlever pistols) The 'Black ones' XS78 Co2 with bulk fill, good for around 500 shots before it needs re-filling with Co2.. Logun S-16 (2x 8shot magazine fed) Two customised Crosman ratcatchers (2250B), 22cal Co2 rifles.. Gunpower Stealth, single shot 22 PcP.. BTW, i very rarely shoot them, i just collect them:o I've acquired a few more since i took the group shot of the airguns, also there are about five or six that are in pieces ready for refurbishing;) Cheers, John
  10. Hi My hobbies include, collecting airguns, watches and knives, i love doing bonsai but have waaaay too many according to the wife!!.. Back in 1999 i went to college to learn to play guitar but recently had to pack in due to Arthritis in my hands as may be seen, i'm a bit of a collector... Had around thirty guitars but i've sold about six or so on fleabay, the rest will be going after christmas (seems daft keeping them when it hurts so much to play them:o ) A few of them here.. I've been collecting watches since i was sixteen (grandfather was watchmaker), i'm now fifty two and this is about
  11. Kat My brother paints scooters/bikes/cars/lorries/toilet seats, in fact anything that takles paint- he's probably painted it:D He's had quite a few competion winners with scooters and the money that people spend on them is crazy, it's their money though;) I had a Lambretta TV200 that had been modified with a rebore and oversized piston fitted (was already done when i bought it) I was only 14 years old when i bought it and so couldn't ride it on the roads, when i wed at 19, i left the scooter at my parents house along with a KTM comet cross moped, years later, i asked my brother what had happen
  12. We like tha moon!!! Click the link;) :D John:)
  13. Hi Cerium Oxide is sold as a powder and mix it with a suspension, it's very dangerous to breathe in the powder:eek: so please take extra care when mixing;) BTW, it's also very good for polishing scratches out of mineral watch crystals:D Regards, John:)
  14. Crikey!!!- that's a 'proper' un:cool: It looks to be a much larger capacity than mine!! Enjoy using it:hello2: John:)
  15. an' i still can't get out of the backdoor:mad: i suppose i could go out of the front door and climb the 6' solid gate.....naw, i'm too old for that:o John:)
  16. The man's an idiot..... it's very python-eque..... the dead parrot sketch springs readily to mind:icon_cheers::icon_cheers: John:)
  17. I just tried to go out back and the conservatory door is frozen solid- the first time in the twenty years i've lived in this house:eek: i peered through the windows to see a fantastic clear sky... and can't get out to it:( John:icon_salut:
  18. Hi i think your motors will be fine, i once asked a sparkie at my works what would happen if i put double the voltage through a zip saw that i'd bought (it was marked as 110volts but had a 13A 240volt mains square pin plug fitted:eek: ) he said it would simply run twice as fast... electronic components usually have a small tolerance, ie, resistors may only have a 10% overload tolerance (they're usually marked with three coloured rings for values and a fourth for the tolerance.. i'm not too sure what would happen to other components such as capacitors, transistors etc (though i'm fairly sure tr
  19. Hi Here's my old faircut lathe, it's very old and runs on flat leather belting and cone pulleys. there is a little wear in the dovetail bed but then it is older than my grandma:eek: From the front (sorry for the poor pics) Haven't used it for anything in ages:( Regards, john:)
  20. Hello I have a pair of Praktica sport 10-30x30 zoom binoculars that i bought very cheaply at my local carboot sale... the optics are fantastic for what is probably a cheap set of bins bu when i operate the zoom they go out of focus slightly, a small adjustment of the focuser puts it right.. should the image still be crisp and clear when zoomed in or do all zoom bins have to be re-focused upon zooming in? (i suspect not:( ) is there an easy fix or would this be a job for a specialist? i have a feeling that i will have to live with having to re-focus because the cost will be prohibitive... regar
  21. like saturn... this is really cool and the rendition of Ave Maria is beautiful... If Earth had rings. regards, john:)
  22. at midday today, the program about telescopes on channel 5???? it will be on demand 5 tomorrow more than likely... it looked really interesting (and educational!!) but i had to go out part way through (sons car broke down again:( ) regards, john:) EDIT- forgot to say, it was called something like 'big bigger biggest'.. .
  23. Hello noob here i bought an orion 8" reflector scope last year and WOWSER!!!!, i nearly blinded myself just looking at the moon:o:o, i did wonder what the 'moon filter' was for (much easier on the eye with it fitted!) i also bought a meade etx70 for it's portability:hello2: i will be picking everyone's brains in the very near future as what i know about astronomy, i could write on the back of a postage stamp:o:icon_scratch: (hope that's ok!!) i live 5 minutes from open countryside so hopefully i will be able to drive away from the 'orible light pollution... is it permissable to pull off the ro
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