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  1. I've two sets of these, Very bright and crisp, Was told they're called Komz! I was told these were actually made at the Zeiss factory in East Germany that Russia took over after the war!, Have to say, I have a set of 8x30 Zeiss Jena and they're for all the world the same bins!! (And optically theior equal!).. This set was a fiver! Had to pay and extra three quid for the case as it had a set of other 8x30's in, The receipt was in the case too! This set is much better cosmetically but no different optically!! EDIT, Forgot to say I paid £10 from another bootsale for these
  2. I've also around fifty air pistols too, I'm shortly going to start getting rid as I never use them now and let my range membership slip! John
  3. We've already swapped back although I think he'd still do a deal as he really wnts a rifle but as he's a leftie, It would have to be dedicated left hand or ambi I've around a hundred rifles for him to choose from though!! I thought that being top end bins, The repair would be quite pricey! John
  4. One was actually a Gamo Stutzen!! The other was an Air Arms SE90, A very nice rifle!! John
  5. Hi all As well as bins I also collect airguns, I recently swapped two of my rifles for a Zeiss Conquest 10x42 binocular, The warrenty said they were new in 2012 so are seven years old, The right extension tube (Sorry, Dunno the proper name!) was cracked and this played on my mind so much that I got in touch and traded back!! Was I stupid as these bins are now almost a grand now and clarity/brightness etc was absolutely outstanding!! These are they!! They came boxed with the manuals. warranty etc.. A pic of the crack that the original owner had tried t
  6. A friend of mine that's really in to anything optic told me never to buy any zoom bin's, Of course I ignored his sage words and now have several sets, All of them require refocusing after I 'zoomed'!! I didn't mind though as they mostly still give a good image (For my ppor old eyes at least!) after fiddling with the focus knob!! John
  7. Ruskie glass tends to be excellent quality in my opinon, I was told that after WW2 when Russia took over east Germany, The Zeiss factory was in eastern Germany so thr Russian bino's suddenly became superb!! (Don't know for sure if this was the case but sounds feasable!!).. I found some Komz /Tento which are super clear, As good as my Jena and the 8x30 look identical in size and build!! These were knocked about but working superbly, They had the orange filters on the ocular lenses and seemed to have been attached for years!, I had to buy a cheapo set of broken Halina bins too as they were
  8. I recently found a sunagor 15-70x25, These are shocking at the higher mags but passable as a 15x binocular!! ? In all fairness though, I couldn't be bothered to dig the tripod out to mount them on!! John ?
  9. WOW!! I thought it was the rear end of the Starship Enterprise!!! ?? John ?
  10. Thos Greenkat look superb!! ? Have to say, I've had several sets from charity shops but most from carboot sales and a few off fleabay!! These Tecnar 12x50 were my latest find around two weeks ago at a local charity shop for £10, Alas they came with no lens caps and neither of the straps were present!, The lenses are crystal clear though with no fogging or mould and perfect collimation, Also, I don't think this case is what originally came with the binocular as it's a couple of inches taller and they just seems lost in the case even though they are quite large bins!
  11. I recently bought a Celestron 25x70 binocular, After not being able to focus through the Strathspey, These seemed very well colimated and lovely and bright (Still wish i'd brought the 100mm Strathspey home with me though! ) A Japanese CitatioN 8x30 binocular that I picked up today at a local St Lukes hospice charity shop for £8, They quite nice and bright, Made in Japan.. Cheers, John
  12. I have an ETX70, Wold love this but alas, I'm more than 150 miles away Good luck with the sale.. John..
  13. I'm afraid I came home without them
  14. Hi Doug I went today to buy them, I took a tripod and fixed them on but I don't know if it was my eyes or the binoculars but everything I looked at was double imaging, I have a few sets of bins that are the same, I read that it's the collimation that's out (Prisms out of alignment), I also have loads of bin's that are perfect for my eyes! From there I went to try a set of Celestron 25x70's, Perfectly crisp images on those so I brought them home with me for £30, They were boxed and unused and even came with the bracket to fix them to a tripod!! I was gutted when I couldn't use those bi
  15. Hi I have a set of Nikon Monarch 8x42 and really can't fault them, I think they're the best binocular i've ever owned Good luck with whatever you go with John
  16. Hi all There was a set of these on Shpock for £100, I sent a cheeky £75 off and it was accepted!! I can seem to find a heck of a lot about them, I do know i'll need a pretty strong tripod for them and am hoping to make a parallelagram fitting and iron lifting weights for a counter balance!! I think i'll be getting a bargain but if not, It won't be the first time i've bought a Sows ear instead of a silk purse!! Has anyone ever used this model? I read a review online that says they're 45° bins, I presume that means that the eye bells are set at the 45°, These obviously don't l
  17. I had a walk around the bootsales and bought a couple more Binoculars yesterday!! Boots 8x40, These are OK too!! And a small set identical to the ones the wife liked until I cleaned the lenses! The glass cleansing fluid somehow found it's way inside and destroyed them!! She's happy with them!! The Boots bins were a fiver, The 10x25's were £3 John
  18. Hi all I had a trip to a local bootsale and came back with a rather nice Japanese Super Zenith binocular for the princely sum of £4 I always was under the impression that Zenith were East German or Russian, Every set i've looked through have been mediocre at best but I couldn't believe how bright and crisp these were!!! I had quite a good outing, I also bought a Tasco Pro Class 4x30 pistol scope with 30mm tube and adjustable paralax and a couple of nice electric guitars!! Cheers, John
  19. Hi all I had a walk around a carboot sale this morning and came across these unknown bin's.. Despite appearing to be very cheap bins (Rubbish softcase and lens caps) they really are extremely bright and clear!! Also, They're auto focus! The ocular lenses can be adjusted to the individual then away you go!! I paid £15 for them which is quite a sum from the bootsales but the brightness and clarity made me stick my hand in my pocket!! Does anyone know what the '200x120' actually means as i'm only familiar with the max x object lens dia markings!! I've had Steiner bi
  20. Hi I love bins but have yet to acquire any of those fab large ones!! Greenkat 7x50 Peerless 16x43 Komz 8x30 Nikon Monarch 8x42 Swift Ascot 8x30 Nondescript 8x25, I think it says France on the front! Very crisp and bright for such a small object! Swift Tecnar 8x40 Zeiss Jena 8x30 8x30 Super Glenton Swift 10x50 Lieberman & Gortz 20x42 Zenith 8x30 Scope overfield 9x35 Swallow 8x30 Prinze 16x50 Prinze 10x50 Bushnel individu
  21. Can't remember exactly what I paid for this little scope but I think it was £8.. These were two or three quid for the lot!! The book is out of date now though!! John
  22. Hi John About three quarters of these came from the bootsales but this only about half of actual Bines/scopes that i've bought over the years!! John
  23. Hi again I just looked through my jewellers loupe and found the K in a circle right after 'JAPAN', It's difficult to make out in the pic but easier with the loupe!! The one on fleabay looks superb!! I have some lens cleaning fluid although i'm unsure who made it, It usually works really well on my binoculars and specs! Cheers, John
  24. Thanks for the link! there's loads of stuff in the site that I want- Paypal is going to take a hammering now!! I had a Tasco scope out of my mums club book about 40 years ago- That had these small lenses too!! Cheers, John
  25. Cheers JUles, I'll have a go, Have to go out shortly to fit curtain poles at my sons house so it may be later in the week! Regards, John
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