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  1. Wow! Thank you for replying guys! Very helpful. Yeah i looked for ones closer to me but couldn't find any where the milky way is visible? It's only visible with the naked eye from really dark places in this country I assume ☺
  2. Hi all :-) My first time on here and actually first time on a forum of any kind so forgive me if I'm being a massive NOOB ! I am looking for a stargazing event to go to which has a good view of the milky way, amongst other things, and have found one in Dalby Forest on the 6th November that sounds pretty good. Has anybody been to this before and if so could you tell me a bit about it please i.e. do you just turn up and look with the naked eye or is there experts on hand helping point things out and telescopes set up that you can look into etc... Anything tips too about car parking or clothing to wear etc... anything would be greatly appreciated. It's a date too, so hoping to impress! :-)
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