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  1. Sorry a bit of a typo there, I don't normally refer to myself in 3rd person:-)
  2. I must admit when I first started looking for extra kit to improve what I can see the revelation, celestron and other kits alike looked very appealing (if I'm not sure what to get then get it all, all in one box). Having more stumbled into stargazing rather than grown up with it or having people around me into it, this looked to be a good option and for many this may be a good solution. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on which way you look at it I did not have the funds to instantly get one of these kits which gave me time and allowed me to do some more research and find this place. I
  3. Thank you all for your advice it is most appreciated. I had a look on astroboot (thanks Graham, what a great site, particularly if you find what you are looking for) and I found a Meade 8 - 24mm zoom lens, sw 90 degree prism , sw 2x barlow and moon filter all for £55. My thoughts are that this equipment will get me started finding objects that are slightly harder to find than the moon and as Dave said when I start to know my way around up there I will upgrade my kit as I go. Next on my list will be a couple of plossls and who knows maybe a new scope but I'll leave asking what one to get for a
  4. Hi, Im new star gazing and need some help, I recently bought a sky watcher Bk 705 on eBay for £35 to show my little daughter the moon & planets. It came with a 25mm super ( I'm guessing that is a sky watcher SP?) and we had some great views of the moon but I would like to get some more EPs (nothing to costly) to explore the skies more. I have read wathogs post on EPs and done the maths and calculated that the best most common sized EPs for my f7 scope would be 6mm, 9mm, 15mm, and 20mm. The trouble is there are so many manufacters, some are right price but the wrong size some the right
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