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  1. I take it you guys will still be there on Saturday? How is the weather looking?
  2. Hi @Dave Lloyd you need to keep coming south to see the amazing parts of Wales
  3. Thanks Dai ( @daiwelly ) The forum seems a friendly place, i want to be able to take on a steep learning curve and be at the top of what i can do. If i have to have nights and nights of wasted time producing images out of focus or trailing making mistakes is the best way to learn. i would love then to be able to pass on my findings to others. i was advised to look at images to see what people have used but i have looked at a lot of images that have no information on the images to help me decide how to tell what equipment was used. do you know what to look for? i may produce a list of what i wa
  4. Thank you all for all the the welcomes @petercpc @charon @JamesM hopefully will be able to have some more of these images sooner rather than later.
  5. @barkis I See Ron down in lovely Castlemartin, my brother in law has a WO1 job down there at the moment on ummmm techQM i think. ex welsh guard myself.... we love it and that area is well dark of an evening more so after midnight when they turn all the street lights off so save the old electric. stef
  6. Thanks Ron I am actually from Pembroke Dock good call. were you working down this way? Im sure it will be great i am in communication with an astrophysicist as well who is still into it and assisting in depth lol alot of things to learn stef
  7. I Did suggest iLMio Photos which means my photos half in italian lol
  8. Ok Peter we will have to keep in touch especially as your a traveller have a good night
  9. thanks @Psychobilly Ill have to change user name as had a warning off the SGL Police read the small print lol
  10. thanks Peter will be looking to order this book as well.. i will post what books in reply to Sara.... i thrive on challenges and if it doesn't work i will be even more determined to get it right. i actually enjoy the editing part as well. BTW do i have to multi quote every message i'm responding too or will people pick it up if i mention the name ..... sorry dull question i know but you have to start somewhere... Sara thanks for the comments books i purchased but not received all yet are:- Phillips Astrophotography with Mark Thompson The Essential Guide To Photographing the night sky Getting
  11. Also i will do an about me;- Married to nikki and owners of two little Alaskan Klee Kai which are in other forms Mini Huskies Our life revolves around these two nutters and whenever off with the camera they are right next to us. Image at Brecon Beacon on jacobs ladder & Presseli mountain & last on the stairs at home Thanks for making me feel accepted to the threads/group allready. Stef
  12. just read the campsite info and realised there is no dogs allowed so this is a no go unless we visit and then shoot home
  13. im getting used to the buttons now peter lol
  14. No No targets in mind peter but i want the best of both worlds with one scope.... I know thats difficult to say peter but i'm not that bad on LR & PS cc so dont mind stiching if required. unless of course you can get like a 2x converter or even a 1.5 or 1.25 and still use DSLR effectively for the longer distances ie pluto etc. im looking forward to the editing side as much as viewing capturing to be honest but if its clear ill be out and if not editing. stef
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