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  1. I have tried different targets in different areas of the sky, same result every time. I have tried polar alignment with 0, 1 and 2 two star-alignment. This have worked fine before, but not now. It does not make any difference what I try. The only thing that has changed the last nights is daylight saving, which I have set to "no".
  2. I have taken my first babysteps into astrophotography these last few weeks with my new 80mm ed and heq5 (unguided). Everything have worked out ok, and I have been able to take upto 80-90 secund exposures. But now, for some reason, I suddenly get startrails at 3-4 secunds exposures! I can not for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong. My setup and "rutine" has been the exact same every night. So what am I missing? Can someone pleeease give me some advice before I pull all my hair out I really want to continue unguided for a little while longer. Some grainy newbie pics for attention:
  3. Update They replied now; A new scope will be sent today, and the other one will be picked up by dhl on monday. So relieved! Thank you guys, for giving me the courage to stand my ground!
  4. I've experienced this several times before. Have you tried the simplest yet? Sensor clean of camera and clean the lens both in the front and back.
  5. Ugh...That's a way to make a girl paranoid! Dont scopes have serial numbers or something?
  6. I have asked for a new scope now, I am looking forward to their reply tomorrow. Hoping this turn out smoothly
  7. Absolutely. I have been waiting a long time and saving money for this, so I should be able to wait some more weeks:) Yes, they should. I dont really understand how that bulk came to be in the first place - the scope sits really tight in the case. Someone must have dropped the package on the floor or something. They asked me to check the scope my self, a little weird maybe when they know this is my first scope and that I dont know much. I got the feeling that they maybe did not see this as a big thing. Mm, trust me I wont. I dont care about the money, I just want the perfect scope I paid for.
  8. Yes, I couldn't agree more. I work as a photographer, and if one of my lenses hade arrived like this it would really be no question about it. So why would this be any different. I guess I just dont like to be a difficult customer, so it was good to hear your thoughts in here.
  9. Both knobs did make a mark, but the black one to the left made the big one. That may be a good thing, but the whole situation feels a bit uncomfortable anyway.
  10. I have asked them to send me a new one. I hope they will approve the request. Such a bummer to have to wait for a new one though, I feels like I have been waiting for it for ages
  11. It is the sw 80ED The mount is not here yet, 1 more day or 2, and to be honest I would not know if it is broken or not - newbie here. The white lenshood was also a bit weird, I had to knock it on place sort of.
  12. I got my telescope in the mail today. The telescope case has got a huge bulk that has cracked the material and made a ugly mark. The bulk has been made from within the case, that is, the telescope itself has made a bulk/crack from within. The vendor would like to send a new suitcase, but I know I'm more worried about the telescope. It must have been hit hard even though there are no visible damage to it. What do you guys think? Is it unreasonable of me to request a new telescope in this case?
  13. I was just wondering, how far on the right side of the histogram is "okay" to be after a long exposure? If I shoot long exposures with my telephoto lens the image becomes very bright.
  14. Hi guys. My first DSO image while waiting for my first telescope. Andromeda taken with a Canon 50mm lens and a tripod last night. 4s X 120 F/ 1.4 ISO 800. It's just a white blob, but i thought I'd share it anyway
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