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  1. Hello, I get all adaptors etc, cut and coated at an steel fabricator as they have all the expensive tools required for the finishing i am looking for. Yes i pay a fairly hefty price but the quality is good. The right fabricator was hard to find. I drove to every local fabricator and all of them said they could do the job and will get back to me. Only one ever did and they are very good at what they do. Finding a good fabricator who is willing to carry out the work is harder than i ever thought! Kind Regards and Clear Skies to all! Stewart Waters http://tinyurl.com/yl23wl
  2. Hi, This dome was sold on ebay around last November. Wonder why it has gone back on their so soon ? Hmmm Kind Regards and Clear Skies to all! Stewart Waters http://tinyurl.com/yl23wl
  3. Hi, It depends how badly you want/need to observe right now i presume. Logic tells me to wait until you have moved in but if you have the funds and cannot wait, a small temporary enclosure could be built fairly quickly. Hope that helps you decide. Kind Regards and Clear Skies to all! Stewart Waters http://tinyurl.com/yl23wl
  4. Hello, Very nice looking solid pier. There will be very little or even none, vibration from that beauty! If you need any tips while constructing your observatory, try: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Roll_Off_Roof/ Good luck with your build, soon you will be setup free!!! Regards Stewart
  5. Hi, Very nice solid looking observatory! I cannot wait to see it finished, keep us posted. Regards Stewart
  6. Hi Moondog, I often waited up until 6:00am imaging Jupiter, earlier in the year. I have an observatory with warm room and bed etc. It makes astronomy so much easier. I may take a look at Saturn soon. I have to wait until it gets over the roof tops before i can start imaging it though. Regards Stewart
  7. Hi Moondog, Thank you! I look forward to getting the Tal 3x soon. I a hoping it will give me decent images of Jupiter and Saturn with my webcam. I will have a little while before those targets come round again though. Regards Stewart
  8. Hi Moondog, Nice work! Pity the image wasn't taken with a webcam. The webcam moon imagers forum: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Webcam_Moon_Imagers/ are capturing Gassendi in this months challenge and that sure looks like it has a good chance! I am hoping to try out the Tal 3x soon. How do you find it for imaging. Regards Stewart
  9. Hi Phil, We are trying to capture the Lunar 100 amongst the entire group at: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Webcam_Moon_Imagers/ it is a good challenge. Not sure what we will do when the task is completed (celebrate probably) Regards Stewart
  10. I have added some roof video files to my website now. You can view them from this direct link: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/sg.waters/page59.html Regards Stewart
  11. Hi Daz, Thats not a problem. You are more than welcome to inspect the observatory! Just took some more pics of the scope in the obs today. Heres one i made earlier!!! Regards Stewart
  12. Hi Daz, You are correct! Theres nothing like some visual observing, especially through a nice set of binoviewers. I enjoy capturing images of the Moon on CCD but seeing the Moons surface with your own eyes through the telescope is something else! Then it's quickly back into the warm room and stick the kettle on!!! lol Regards Stewart
  13. Hi Daz, Thank you! You are welcome to come and inspect! Regards Stewart
  14. Hi Tom, I know my skies are not as polluted as yours but tonight i took a few pics to show you what i am up against. Check out the neighbours security light and the sky glow. Fortunately tonight the football ground we're not playing. Now that is a light display to contend with! Regards Stewart
  15. Hi, Sounds like a good choice of build. I would be lost without a warm room. It is nice to sit in there and watch the CCD images come up on the screen while the scope does all the work in the freezing cold! The SkyShed observatories that i install don't have a warm room as standard but we have designed and installed a few custom ones with warm rooms. They work really well. Regards Stewart
  16. Hi, Good luck with your observatory. I look forward to seeing photos of it's construction. Like you say it is all relative now as Captain Chaos has built his observatory and it works just fine. Cutting through half a metre thick is not a problem though with the machines i used to use. They are cheap to hire too. They we're designed for construction sites after architects kept changing their designs and an awful lot of concrete had to be removed fast. One such incident took around 30 men three weeks to dig it all out. I bet they wish these machines had been invented then. That's a whole new story though. I plan to change the floor of my observatory soon. I have been designing a hydraulic floor to raise me up another 6'. The designs we're changed a few times but in theory it should all work fine. The pier will still be isolated from the rest of the floor. The parts needed are difficult to source at the right price. Are you planning to build a roll off roof or a dome etc? Regards Stewart
  17. Hi Gordon, I have seen several observatories built first and then the pier areas of the base are isolated afterwards. They mark out the area where the pier is going and hire the big diamond discs that you push along on a machine. The cuts are then filled with a bitumin. The pier is then totally isolated. So it's not too late to change. Regards Stewart
  18. Hi Carl, I would advise against insulating the shed if you are deciding to turn it into an observatory. Otherwise it would be ok. The walls will hold the heat inside. Once the roof is open it will take about an hour for the walls to equalise with the air temperature. You will get a thermal venting effect when you open the roof and try to observe. These scopes are made to work in extreme weathers. Regards Stewart.
  19. Hi Tom, Thank you for the welcome! Regards Stewart
  20. Hi Tom, You are right. I worked in London for six years and only ever saw the full Moon at night. I suppose i do have better skies than a lot of people. I joined the North Essex Astronomy Society and they have a lovely dark location. You can just see the glow of Colchester in the distance. Regards Stewart
  21. Hi Steve, Thank you! I am hoping for a nice clear night tonight. I am planning an all nighter in the observatory tonight as i don't have anything planned for Sunday! There have been a lot of meteor reports across the net in the last few days. I plan on observing some tonight. Regards Stewart
  22. Hello Philip+Zog+James+Rog+Tom+Warthog +Caz, Thank you all for your kind comments and warm welcomes! Hope i haven't missed anyone out. I look forward talking to you all. Zog, i hope you won that Euro million jackpot last night. Wow are we going to build you an observatory to remember! Tom, not so sure about the clear skies in Colchester. Some nights yes but most nights there is an orange glow light an atom bomb just went off! Regards Stewart
  23. Thank you Jamie! Regards Stewart
  24. Hi Astrophethean, Thank you for the welcome! There seems to be more and more 14 inch scopes about these days not sure why though. I moderate a group for 14" Meade scopes and there are 700 of them on there. This looks like a friendly forum anyway. Regards Stewart
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