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  1. I have now managed to find one. Thanks to all who responded.
  2. Thanks for the replys guys . I have a couple of possibilities, just have to find out the exact thread size
  3. Thanks to all who responded but I think I have found some thanks to a very generous SL member
  4. Hi Stu, I'm not sure to be honest, think they might a standard size ?
  5. Hi, looking for a pair of flexi cables or even just a pair of control knobs for the slo-mo controls on an EQ1. If anyone has any for sale can they please let me know ?
  6. Thanks guys. Knobby, I had a look on there, but no joy. Philip R . Cheers, let me know if you find it
  7. I'm looking for a replacement counterweight rod for a Skywatcher EQ1 mount. Cant find mine after dismantling everything a good wjhle ago. Can anyone please tell me where I could source one ? Cant find anbody online . Thanks.
  8. Hi, Ive just joined the forum. Ive been into Astronomy for a number of years but had recently wandered away from the hobby , distracted by real life , but having retired from my job in February this year Im now planning to pick up where I left off. Ive just purchased a second hand Celestron CPC 800 XLT and looking forward to putting the telescope through its paces. Ive owned Maks , reflectors ( dobs and eq mounted) and refractors over the years but this is my first SCT as well as my first Go-To telescope. Im looking forward to learning as much as I can about this type of telescope and hope
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