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  1. I have been interested in photography of all sorts for many many years and I keep seeing references to various mounting rails. I have some Arca Swiss rails myself, but I have the following questions--what are the main differences between Losmandy, Vixen, and Arca Swiss, and what are the pros and cons of each type? I have searched all over but have never found a source of information comparing these, so wondered if someone on here can either supply the information or point me in the right direction. Thanks Chris
  2. I am sorry to say that I never did sort this out and ended up buying a battery replacement, from E Bay I think. It is called a dc coupler. Works off 12volts.
  3. Thanks folks, particularly Les. It is now working. It's amazing what you can do if you read the manual! I had to use ANGLE mode. Chris
  4. Hello all, sorry if this is in the wrong section, but not too sure which is the correct one. My Windows 7 laptop has decided to throw it's teddy out of the pram so I have had to resurrect an older laptop, which was Vista but upgraded to Windows 7. Everything on the old laptop is working fine except that I cannot download Stellarium as it tells me it needs Open GL. The old laptop is an Asus F3J and the graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon X2300. After a long session Googling it seems that the graphics card supports OpenGI 2.0 (unless I have totally misunderstood things) but how do I enable i
  5. Following on from this, is the controller the same irrespective of the type of cable used to connect to the mount, rj45 or DB9?
  6. Thanks Alan. Thank goodness for EQDirect, hopefully I will be able to live without the controller until a cheap used one comes along. Chris
  7. Thanks for all of the replies. I only have an EQ3 pro mount, and the controller came with it, new. Dr Ju Ju ,the 2 blown items are ringed in red, one is the C55 (the lower one)), and the other is(if I have interpreted the printing correctly) C3. Chris
  8. I very rarely use my handcontroller but needed to the other night. Switching on, nothing appeared on the display, so I checked the connections and made sure everything was OK and switched on again. It was then that I noticed the smoke drifting out of the handset via the keypad. I switched off again. I removed the back of the handset and upon close examination of the circuit board I found that 2 of the tiny components were burnt out. See the 2 pictures attached. Can this be repaired as a cost for a new handcontroller is quite high and I might have to forego it's use permanently if a r
  9. Some time later.........I too am suffering from this error, but the referred to thread does not appear to be available any more. Any suggestions as to the solution? Preferably nothing too complicated! Chris
  10. But these are listed at £104.99, so I think not. In the original post an ordinary battery was used. I have now opened the casing and need to know which of the four connections inside need to be connected to the incoming cable from the adapter, and does the wire strip need to be retained?
  11. Many belated thanks for this. I have all of the bits and am about to start construction, but have 2 questions before I do, both concerning the battery mod. I understand the principal, as I made a similar mod for my Olympus E400 a few years ago, but used a adapter that was designed to take AA cells, therefore no need to break into the battery to remove things. Question 1- just how do you open the battery? With a modelling knife, a Dremel or what. The case appears to be well glued together so there is no easy way in. Question 2- my camera is a Canon 60D and the battery has 2 large and 2 small c
  12. Thanks very much, I said I was electronically inept! I was aware of the Astronomiser cables but wanted to go down the USB/RS232 route for the ability to use longer cables, but this seems to cater for that to an extent. Thanks for your help. Chris
  13. There appears to be some confusion creeping in here. I want to use EQDIR from laptop to mount. As previously stated. I am trying to use an FTDI usb to RS232 adapter. To use this I need to connect the 9 pin plug on the FDTI adapter to an RJ45 cable with RJ45 plugs at both ends. It is this connection between the adapter and the cable that is causing problems. (Can I buy one ready made that would connect to the FTDI adapter and terminate in an RJ45 plug? Not seen one. Would all of this.) I have now acquired a semi pre-wired adapter where the wires are already connected to the RJ45 socket en
  14. Thanks, but not much good if i am not on Facebook as there does not appear to be any other point of contact.
  15. Hi there, As you can guess from the heading, I am interested in an external 12volt power supply. There appear to be several available, although a lot of them seem to be identical. Some are very expensive and some aren't. I prefer the less expensive choice! Can any one advise, preferably from their own experiences, of ones to look for, or ones to avoid. Chris
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