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  1. Thanks for the speedy reply. Sorry I probabaly should have said I used an unregistered version of nebulousity so the horizontal lines are an artefact that it puts in to degrade the image. I’ll upload a raw sub tomorrow for you to look at.
  2. After a few semi successful attempts with my 60D I recently got a 314L+ from Ebay. The first night under the stars I could manage due to work and other commitments was 30/11/17. Just trying to get everything working with SGPro tried to capture some images of M1. I have a 200P on an EQ6. I was taking 60 second subs with no filters unguided. The results were less than great. My subs seemed ok, nothing amazing but ok. When I stacked 30 of them I started to see something faint and fuzzy. I wasn't expecting a lot for my first attempt with a mono CCD but I've a few questions about how I deal with th
  3. I'm using a 200P and 60D and have some questions about alignment and rotation, I'm struggling to get to grips with this and it means that I can only use data from one session for my images How do you make sure the images you take in different imaging session align so you can stack them, especially rotation? Also how do you align you camera so the resulting image is the right way up, i.e. north at the top of the frame?
  4. Hi, This is all a little OTT as you would need to charge the battery without the fan running then start the fan for a buildup of gas to happen but.......With the fan in the current orientation if there was an explosive mix it would be extracting it through the fan so if the fan sparked, not that it should because its a brush less motor, it might be a source of ignition. Have you thought about reversing the direction of the fan, so it blows fresh air into the box. Cheers James
  5. That's amazing, beautiful composition Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for all the welcomes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi, This was my first attempt at capturing M31, Using 200P, EQ6 and 60D. Its not great, I ran out of time, but its a start. James
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    Hi, I've been reading the forum for a while and thought it was time to start participating I'm currently located in Reading and Somerset and have recently brought skywatcher 200P on an EQ6 mount from eBay. I have had it setup a couple of times and have enjoyed some great views, I'm still trying to get the hang of it really. I took it out for the Lunar eclipse and was struggling to get it setup, a very helpful guy called Chris, I think, helped me get going. I managed to capture the images below.... James
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