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  1. Celestron 5se telescope cost me 800 in total with extras will take 600 or make an offer in excellent condition, been used once just not got time for it, tho reluctant to sell used once but I don't have the time for it tho I wish I did its a great scope and very easy to use it comes with a 90£ starwatcher power tank so you can stargaze all night plus a couple of ep's that cost around 70 pound eac, (BST Starguider 5mm and a 9mm xcell-xl) plus a 25mm plossel ep all in all it cost me around 800pound and it as only been used once and is i
  2. Hi Am selling my celeston 5se it like brand new with a skywatcher power tank, and a 5mmbst starguider ep plus a xcell-xl 9mm ep if anyone interested they can view the scope
  3. Hi I been thinking about getting into video and dso imaging for a while now and would prefer to go via the webcam method or something similar I been thinking about getting this cam since I want to use the cam for an ep and take videos of what am viewing but also because I would like to try to do some dso images too Altair Astro GPCAM v2 Colour IMX224 Guide Imaging Camera I have also heard good things about the zwo camera's e.g the ZWO ASI224 I would appreciate the advise please or any recommendations on equipment that would be good for what I said above
  4. I been thinking about getting one of these as am new to imaging Altair Astro GPCAM v2 Colour IMX224 Guide Imaging Camera and was wondering if it also works like a webcam got video and imaging
  5. Altair Astro GPCAM v2 Colour IMX224 Guide Imaging Camera As anyone ever tried the above camera as am new to imaging and video astro-photography, if so does it work like the webcam method as I cant seem to find any reviews in the cam. I will like you advise on the cam or possible alternatives thanks
  6. been and got Astronomy Now thb and yes I agree I have learnt a lot on this forum and there are lots of people willing and happy to answer any questions and give advise
  7. Hi Although I have not bought a magazine for a long time now I have been thinking about starting to buy one or two astronomy magazine's, but I guess there will be a few to choose from, so I would like you opinion's on the mags and which is best and value for money if you would be so kind Thanks MARK
  8. Hi I been reading this review of a budget camera I would like to try and I cant find where to buy any of the they are as follows the Astro-Video Systems DSO-1 and the Mallincam Micro EX can anyone help or suggest a alternative to these this is the original review btw http://www.cloudynights.com/page/articles/cat/user-reviews/three-deep-sky-video-cameras-for-under-100-r2938
  9. Hello, I have a question as anyone ever tested these 2 set of ep's or owned both because am curious to with is the better of the 2 ep's thanks
  10. Help does anyone know where I can buy or import a Astro-Video Systems DSO-1 in the UK please thanks
  11. great thanks I was unsure of moving it or if it would need to be fixed in place and lol it is interesting that way you went to tho I don't think I will get rid of my 5se with it being small and portable, and also thinking of buying a portable obv tent
  12. do you have an obv built because I don't or do you just take the 200p out when needed and is that even possible with the mount and size ?
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