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  1. Hi and thanks for the heads up on the coloured leads. This was a sealed unit and only needed the following action: or so I think 1.. Remove the hand wheel 2.. Bolt the motor unit to the scope mount 3.. Install the gear gog to the shaft 4.. Plug in the Dec lead The coloured leads are not even visible on my unit Many thanks for your input
  2. Hi And thanks for your input. I am using a 12v DC PSU from Maplin and I did have it plugged into the motor controller. I did not have an error message that said "no connection to motor error" but my error message stated Caution, Both Axis, No response. I had disconnected the Power for clarity in the photos. Regards PJC
  3. Hi Thanks for your advice. That was the one thing I didnt want to do but looks as if I must. Again thanks PJC
  4. Hello Awesome response, Thank you. As requested 3 pictures. I have removed the Scope, Power Cable and one of the gear housing for greater clarity. Thanks PJC
  5. Greetings. I am in need of a little help. I purchased an EQ5 Upgrade Kit for my mount and was just a little disappointing by the total lack of any installation instructions, apart from how to secure the motor controller holder to a Tripod leg. No matter as I was able, eventually, to obtain just about all I needed from various download sites. To my best belief I have fitted the components and I have powered up. Here is where my problem starts. The software version is 4.37.03 and on power up I get the Initialization message on the Hand Control. Then I get the following message. Caution
  6. Fabulous and great shots. Nice one Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
  7. I often wondered what happen to planning permission where joe public had the chance to speak. That is a nightmare to deal with, very inconsiderate. I have no light pollutiion but since my scope arrived NO CLEAR NIGHTS :-( Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
  8. That is brilliant and something for newbies like me to feast my eyes on. Fantastic Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
  9. WOW lots of welcomes. Makes the forum feel really good. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
  10. Hello all. Yes Im a retired Brit living way out in the country in Northern Germany. Whats great about this place? No light pollution at all and fantastic night skies. I have spent many hours lying on my deck in the garden looking at unbelievable night skies and that is why I am waiting for my scope to arrive and see greater detail. I hope I hook my Canon G9 to my Skywatcher Explorer 200p and record what I see. Happy star gazing all Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
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