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  1. Hi. i have a pair of Olympus dps 10x50 and i think they are a good binocular. In terms of star gazing though, a sharper pair at the same size or a larger size maybe 12x50 might be an option. any thing around or under £100.
  2. I think i have made my mind up and the Opticron Oregon look like right. I could have chosen the Celestrons for the price but at the end of the day its having a reliable pair of bins. there are some Helios 16x50s either Fieldmaster or Solana around the £40-50 mark on the auction site but Opticron have a good rep.
  3. I've had a look at the opticrons at FlLO and like them. problem is the weight as I usually walk out. the imagic's looked reasonable. at the end of the day it's getting a good pair of reliable binoculars wich will give some depth of view
  4. Hi. I've been looking at a pair of celestron skymaster 15x70 and they are going for about £60 at maplin might try them. just need a mount for monopod.
  5. 15x70 might be a good idea. I do have a monopod thanks for the tip
  6. Hi. I am looking to get myself some new equipment. I own a pair of Olympus 10x50 dps but would like to get a new stronger pair. 12x50 perhaps preferrably not too heavy.
  7. Thanks everybody. I'll look at binocularsky as suggested and i am considering going up a size or two
  8. HI. I own a pair of Swift newport mk 11 10x50 wich are rather heavy, a pair of Olympus dps 10x50 and a pair of Barr Stroud sierra 12x50 do I need to upsize or buy a better pair?
  9. Hi. i like the look of the imagic. i could go up to 10x42, its all about weight. my other idea was to go for a pair of nikon action ex or olympus exwp
  10. Hi. Can anybody give me some clues on a decent pair of 8x4 or 10x porro prism binoculars? I've been looking at the opticron imagic series or something similar. I have a pair of olympus dps i 10x50s but would like something sharper thanks
  11. HI All. I,m looking at obtaining one of these & would like to know if they are worth while for a beginner
  12. Sorry i,m late. the collimation is fine. they just want a good clean i think
  13. The large lenses are threaded and unscrew easily. I was wondering if I could clean the inside of the eyepieces perhaps just to improve them a bit
  14. no name anywhere just the stamp jp 251 and a inspection sticker
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