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  1. I am Aurora astronomer for a travel company so I got out to Iceland at least 5 times a year now with groups to see the lights
  2. Taken at Gullfoss, Iceland. Back here again 4th March
  3. Great displays and from what I hear there were superb displays in the UK too
  4. Great displays and from what I hear there were superb displays in the UK too
  5. Agreed, I love the place and the people. I have good friends there now. As a photographer its a paradise!
  6. Many thanks, I go out to Iceland 5 times a year currently February, March, October, November & December Been out there with 22 groups over the last 2 1/2 years so yes work out there Im self employed within astronomy and I am a consultant and guide for these and other trips.
  7. Latest images from my trip in Feb. Hoping for more as back out next Thursday.
  8. Exposures and ISO varied from 5 to 35 seconds and ISO 800 - 1250. Taken with a Canon 5D mkiii and a 17-40mm F4 L series lens.
  9. Bottom one has nice Taurid fireball going through
  10. A few pics from my latest trip to Iceland in October. Off out there again tomorrow so fingers crossed for some clear sky!
  11. 2 amazing nights of Aurora, posting this at 02:24 as sky cloudy now. It was on fire earlier! even caught a meteor
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