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  1. Backyard EOS

    Hi There I use backyard eos on windows 10. I would think you have to go their website www.otelescope.com and download the file again and then set it all back up on your new computer with your original login user name and key. You need to add the product to your cart and download it. I had a problem a while back and they were very good at sorting it out. If the above method does not work send them an email I bet they will have you up and running in no time. Cheers
  2. Here is my best yet, although for some reason there is a light blurring at the right edge, this happened after stacking. Anyway it was taken 9th May 2017, at 23:08 with a very bright moon. It is 1000 frames with best 700 selected and stacked in registax. colours adjusted slightly to emphasize GRS. cheers
  3. What's your favourite quote?

    Those that do, those that dont and those that are in the middle 😆
  4. What's your favourite quote?

    Love it😃
  5. What's your favourite quote?

    Dont know where I saw it and its not really astro related but it made me chuckle as a computer geek and its one that always sticks in my warped mind. "There a 10 kinds of people in this world - those that understand binary and those that dont"
  6. That is really nice. I was hoping to capture this but it was cloudy. I am hoping to do the lunar transit on the 20th may.
  7. I thought I'd have a bash at this. picture is made using canon eos1300d, orion starmax 90m on an EQ2 mount. 1000 frames avi mode using backyard eos and stacked in registax using the best 65% of the frames. only the wavelets and rgb align estimated for final picture.
  8. Lowest Cost DIY 2 Axis Autoguiding Setup?

    Thats brill. Thanks for the info
  9. well, there's a shock, total cloud & rain. no ISS transit imaging for me then
  10. Backyard EOS

    Hi Folks, I thought I would let you know about my experience with support on Backyard EOS. I have only recently looked into using software since learning about pixel ratios and 5x recording from a dslr a while ago. I have evaluated Backyard EOS, APT and movie record. After a while I had a problem with Backyard EOS on my computer where it would not load so I emailed them and I must say the service and response was very good indeed. In a series of emails to Guylainn Rochon the problem was resolved. He emailed me back very quickly every time and soon had the problem resolved. Considering I only had the trial version and I hadn't actually paid for anything yet I think the support is first class. Anyway even though I had problems the support has persuaded me that backyard eos is the way to go and in all honesty I preferred the layout of backyard eos anyway, it just seems less cluttered and intuitive compared to APT.
  11. this is the filter I have. I believe it uses baader film.
  12. Taking pictures with cannon 1300d

    Cant be done on the camera I'm afraid, you need software such as backyard or APT to do it. Don't know why they designed it so it can show it to you on the lcd but not record it, seems a bit daft but thats the way it is. Suppose it can be got round by taking multiple exposures instead
  13. Taking pictures with cannon 1300d

    Hi There, I have a 1300d. It looks to me like your focus is off slightly. Make sure you use manual camera settings and play with your shutter speed and ISO and fine adjust your telescope. You can't control aperture as your telescope is now acting as your lens so your camera will show F0. I assume your 1st picture is Jupiter and its moons. To get a good Jupiter you will need a faster shutter speed to get detail as it is bright but you will lose the moons. The message about the lens not being attached is normal in video mode, just press the record button anyway, it still works. For focusing get yourself a bahtinov mask they are not expensive and make loads of difference, you can even make your own out of card see this website http://astrojargon.net/MaskGen.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 Be aware that using video mode directly from the camera lowers the quality, to get better video try Backyard EOS to record video of the moon and planets etc. then select the best frames. It has a free trial for 30 days to test it. It allows 5x recording which gives you a much better resolution than what the camera records at. (PS The 5x or 10x button on the camera only zooms in the view on the LCD, it doesn't record that whereas the software does record at 5x if you select it).
  14. Yeah its a Kendrick full aperture solar filter with attachment ring.
  15. Thats the kind of thing that happens to me quite a lot, frustrating at the time but funny when I think back. Sods law definitely rules in astronomy. Better luck next time.