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  1. Share Some Astronomical Trivia

    Would that be the reason for the sunspot cycle?
  2. Who can tell me somthing new

    A bullet fired from a gun pefectly horizontal and a bullet dropped by hand from exactly the same height will hit the ground at the same time (discounting air resistance)
  3. electronic componments

    +1 for cpc. Use them all the time. Yep delivery free over a fiver(always need batteries etc)
  4. Thats a good idea, I have used nail varnish on the patio flags to mark where the tripod feet should go but washers are a more precise way to locaate the feet. Thanks for sharing
  5. Hi Steve, I thought about that or something similar where I still use the adapter but it was the not being able to switch it off bothered me and because I cant use it as often as I would like I bet the battery would be dead when I came to use it. glad it works though:)
  6. As the title says I have made a DIY version of the polar scope illuminator for my Skywatcher star adventurer. I have only had it for about 3 weeks and I must say it is fantastic, well made feels solid and is easy to use. However the illuminator is really bad. I can not believe that they made something so good like the star adventurer where you can see that a lot of thought has gone in to designing it for ease of use and functionality but the illuminator appears to be an afterthought. The issues that I had are:- 1. You cant switch it off ! (You can only dim it right down or unscrew the cap so that the battery doesnt contact and then store it upside down) 2. If you use the attachment so that it can be used with the L bracket, the thing is unstable and keeps falling off. 3. hard to adjust when you are crouching down and looking through the polar scope, I just kept knocking it off when trying to turn the brightness dial. So I decided that I would make my own. Anything would be better than the one it came with to be quite honest which is a pity because the star adventurer itself is brilliant and well made. I bought small project box (£1.05 from CPC) and the rest of the bits I already had but all you need is a 1k resistor, 10k variable resistor(Linear), an LED, a switch and a battery(I used a 3v cr2302 but any 3v approx setup would do, eg 2 x AAA batteries) so the total cost would be probably less than a fiver if you had to get everything. I had to make quite a big hole in the box which I initially drilled then made bigger with a knife, thats why it looks a bit scruffy but I'm not too bothered about that so long as it works. Then I attached the whole unit to the L Bracket with Velcro where it will stay but If I need to remove it I will just peel it off. I have attached some pictures and the circuit diagram in case anybody else would like to do something similar. Now I can just leave it in place and switch it on/off as required and I dont keep knocking it off. Hope this is of some help to someone who may be in a similar situation
  7. 7 September - Falcon 9 launch

    That is amazing. Thanks for sharing
  8. So after messing around for ages and struggling with an EQ2 mount I have finally bought a Skywatcher Star Adventurer astronomy bundle. I must have made every mod/bodge possible to my EQ2 mount to try and get polar aligned and got some ok results, but after doing a very quick test of my new star adventurer the other night, I could not believe how easy everything is when you have decent gear. After trying to make sense of the polar alignment method in the manual I decided to download polar finder app for my phone and I was visually polar aligned within minutes. Everything is just so easy from simple things like micro adjustement of the azimuth and easy adjustment of latitude compared to my eq2 mount and the fact that you can look through the centre of the RA axis is just brilliant. I have only had it 2 days and as I have always read before when people have bought new - you guessed it - The clouds have rolled in. Sorry my apologies for that. My quick test the other night was on a photo tripod so it was a bit wobbly with the wedge, tracker, counter weight, ball head and DSLR with 300mm lens but I tried 1 minute then 90 secons and finally 2 mins. I noticed very slight trailing at 90 sec and definite trailing at 2 mins. I suspect though that my alignment wasnt perfect as I was kind of rushing because so I just aligned quickly plus it was my first time, so I think I will be able to get much better than this with practice. My master plan is to use the aluminium tripod that my eq2 mount is on and put it on that. I have ordered a 90mm disc with a hole in it and a 60mm 3/8 unc bolt so I can secure the star tracker from underneath as the tripod for the eq2 mount has an indentation in the top so I cant screw the star adventurer to it yet. But once I have done it, I will post pictures. So far I am really impressed with it. Think I might try and sell my old mount on fleabay and see what I can get and all my other bits and bats that I wont need now, also the barn door tracker that I made. No longer need that now plus dont have the time to finish it now as I have my new tracker to play with By the way has anybody come up with a good way of attaching the polar illuminator to the L bracket instead of just clipping it on, I can just imagine me dropping and losing that.
  9. Backyard EOS

    Hi There I use backyard eos on windows 10. I would think you have to go their website www.otelescope.com and download the file again and then set it all back up on your new computer with your original login user name and key. You need to add the product to your cart and download it. I had a problem a while back and they were very good at sorting it out. If the above method does not work send them an email I bet they will have you up and running in no time. Cheers
  10. Here is my best yet, although for some reason there is a light blurring at the right edge, this happened after stacking. Anyway it was taken 9th May 2017, at 23:08 with a very bright moon. It is 1000 frames with best 700 selected and stacked in registax. colours adjusted slightly to emphasize GRS. cheers
  11. What's your favourite quote?

    Those that do, those that dont and those that are in the middle 😆
  12. What's your favourite quote?

    Love it😃
  13. What's your favourite quote?

    Dont know where I saw it and its not really astro related but it made me chuckle as a computer geek and its one that always sticks in my warped mind. "There a 10 kinds of people in this world - those that understand binary and those that dont"
  14. That is really nice. I was hoping to capture this but it was cloudy. I am hoping to do the lunar transit on the 20th may.