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  1. cool, thanks a lot.
  2. Hi There, I thought that I could set stellarium with whatever settings that I wanted and then when I click save settings it would keep everything like that but it only seems to work with some items and not others but yes I would like it if I could check the navigation stars icon on the bottom toolbar and then it would stay checked so next time I load stellarium the navigation stars are visible. Thanks
  3. just tried that. still the same. thanks anyway
  4. Hi There, Thanks for your reply but I cant see how to do it. Is there a menu option that I have missed. The only one that I can find is in the configuration window and save settings and then also in that same window is the plugins where I find the navigation stars and I can tick load at startup and then configure it and save but none of these work. I have to manually check the navigation stars icon every time once stellarium is reloaded. Thanks
  5. Hi Folks, I have had to reinstall stellarium recently due to it behaving rather strangely. Everything seems to be ok now after re-install but I wanted to add the navigation stars plugin to my setup which I added and configured to load at startup. They all appear and everything is fine but the next time I reload stellarium the navigation stars are not showing and I have to switch them on again. I have tried going into the main menu option tab and clicking save settings and also pressing F2 but it still does not save my current setup. It just loads the same as always and I have to change everything again. Has nybody experienced this or anything like it, could it be a bug or am I missing something really easy. Thanks
  6. I would love to get the horsehead even close to that. My biggest problem is to my south are 3 football pitches with lights as well as usual LP. I have been trying to get this target from my back garden since last year, but nothing as good as that. This is my latest attempt and thats with a star adventurer with 200mm lens, 30 second subs x 60. I definitely need to goto a dark site but I cant find anywhere suitable or anywhere that I would be happy/safe with my astro gear out.
  7. I think my decision is made - The skywatcher it is. Already thinking about powertanks and rs232 cables to control it from stellarium. (Theres always something to spend my money on ). Thanks everyone for your input
  8. Thats really good for 8 second, even some colour showing there. Is that your camera connected to your telescope through the T adapter, if so then thats amazing at that focal length. Thanks for sharing
  9. Has anybody any info about taking pics with this setup eg both through the scope using prime focus or just using the mount and a dslr with a lens(200mm) for example, what length of exposure would be possible. Cheers
  10. That looks nice and easy and very portable. Thanks for taking the time to show the measurements.
  11. cheers for your reply. I have an eq mount in the form of a star adventurer which I use for my camera mainly which produces some brilliant results. I do like the idea of a goto just because of the ease of use especially when we go camping. I can use this to make life easy to show the kids etc and use my star adventurer for my photography. Also a bigger mak is a bonus.
  12. So after doing some more research the Celestron always comes up more expensive. Would you say the mount is a slightly better mount considering that the scopes are the same or is it just the extras that it comes with the celestron such as software etc.
  13. Hi Folks, I may be able to upgrade my scope at christmas from my little 90mm mak to something much nicer and I am considering a goto. The ones that I am interested in and can fit the budget are either a Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 SynScan AZ GoTo or Celestron NexStar 127 SLT. They are both maks which are my favourite when I compare them to others such as newts as I love the contrast and the long focal length for planets, moon etc. Looking at the specs they seem very similar and the prices are roughly the same as well, so my questions are:- 1.. Is there much difference between the 2 and if so which is better and why? 2.. Can the telescope be manually moved by hand after alignment to quickly view something else and return back to where it was previously. (The Orion starseeker IV does this but its a bit more expensive) 3.. How is it for photos. I know it will never be as good as an eq mount due to field rotation but could I do say 100 x 10 second exposures with it and use DSS to take care of any field rotation.(I am thinking bright DSO's) I hope somebody can help or maybe just order some advice on either as I need to get my order in to father christmas in time Thanks in advance
  14. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Yep, definitely recommend it. I have a similar setup, canon 1300d, standard kit lens 75-300mm and I have mounted it on my aluminum tripod that my old EQ2 mount used to sit. I use it now as my main mount because my telescope is only a 90mm mak-cass so it can easily take the weight as well, but mostly I just use the camera attached to a ball head adapter on the star adventurer. Only criticism is the polar finder illuminator (see my other thread about that and how I remedied it) I can easily achieve 90 seconds at about 200mm and I reckon that if I really spent a long time polar aligning or maybe drift aligning and getting it absolutely perfect it would probably do much longer. Anyway I have not had it very long but its a massive improvement over the EQ2 mount that I used to use, here are a couple of pics. Both 200mm lens 90 sec ISO 800. (I think I took about 90 subs, 15 darks, 15 bias, no flats. Stacked in DSS and then I adjusted in photoshop to remove gradients and set levels, curves etc.) Andromeda and Pleides(The colours are completely wrong in this one though. I tried to bring out the blue but it caused the stars to turn green :), I think I need to reprocess