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  1. Thanks jam1e1. I'm going to take another good look tonight.
  2. Further to my post last night I can see a more impressive plume to a comet like object in the area I described. I still think it's Rigel I'm looking at. The plume is at approximately 2 o'clock to the star. It is best viewed with averted vision.
  3. I was using a 4" refractor with a 24mm Panoptic. I'm currently in West Kent. I couldn't see it through my 15x70 binoculars however.
  4. I suppose I should have said that the line/streak of light, perhaps the width of the moon, had not disappeared by the time I stopped observing. It didn't advance across the sky, it appeared to remain static. Thanks for your reply though jam1e1
  5. Can anybody tell me what the streak of light to the right of (possibly) Rigel is this evening? It's quite long. I've not noticed it before. Thank you Badger
  6. Hi Graham I placed an order last week and haven't received confirmation of dispatch, though I do have an order number. I've phoned them this morning but there is no answer. I await a reply to my email. I guess they're away on holiday. Badger
  7. Thank you Moonshane, I think that may be woth thinking about.
  8. Hello All, I'm also looking to replace the original draw tube adapter on my Celestron 102ED because of worries about marring my accessories. I too thought this would be easy to solve. Can anyone tell me if this adapter would do the job please, TS Adapter vom T2 Aussen Gewinde auf 2' Steckdurchmesser It's cheaper than the one from the States and so for that reason grabbed my attention. I hope this thread isn't too old to revive. Thanks Badger
  9. Hello and welcome.
  10. I bought a x4 Powermate. I thought the 20% offer was very good. Session 3 lectures were very interesting too.
  11. Badger

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to SGL Mike
  12. I've also been on the OO site this afternoon. I looked at the OMC140, which I've wanted for a long time, then I noticed the VAT. Ho-hum.
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