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  1. Hi Everyone, I Don't have a saddle on my eq mount I bought it second hand with a few bits missing, but its a sturdy enough mount. The equivalent of an SW EQ-3. Anyway one of the things missing is the saddle plate for the dovetail bar. Currently i just have the tube rings attached to the screw holes in the mount itself (see pictures). The distance between the holes is 60mm, What are your thoughts on which saddle plate and dovetail combo to go for? I have an 80mm refractor, FL=900mm
  2. We could always join the Cloud Appreciation Society https://www.facebook.com/cloudappreciationsociety/
  3. Hi, I have had first hand experience of this particular reflector and I have to say as a grab and go scope it is hard to beat. We haven't had to collimate it (maybe I've just been lucky) Neither have we had any dew problems to speak of. It's open design means it's cool down period is super quick and as a table mounted dobsonian it makes observing sessions really easy and comfortable. The only thing you have to watch out for is that the focuser is a helical type focuser on the eyepiece holder itself. But I wouldn't say that was a negative. I say we as I don't own this scope but regularly atte
  4. Thanks for the advice guys John - thanks for the explanation regarding the erecting prisms Knights, CodnorPaul - great advice and something I am already undertaking. I just need a 12mm to complete my collection (I'm saving up for a Vixen SLV Rwilkey - The WO is on my short list so this could well be the one I go for. Thanks again guys Regards Pete
  5. Yes sorry, should have mentioned that its a 1.25" fitting. With such a 'slow' scope i guess i would only be getting 5-10% max additional light transmission with a dielectric diagonal. Thanks for the feedback regarding the prism, could you explain why you wouldn't recommend? I'm just interested to know (from a newbies point of view) Kind Regards Pete
  6. Hi Everyone, I am looking to upgrade my star diagonal from the basic one shipped with the scope. Should i go for an erecting prism or di-electric? looking to find the pros cons of either. My observations are a broad church a little bit of everything really, lunar, planetary and the brighter objects in the Messier catalog. I observe primarily from my back garden with a 80mm refractor, fl 900mm. I would welcome any thoughts,opinions or advice. Regards Pete
  7. Our council (South Gloucester) have replaced our street lights with LEDs recently and are applying the following policy Sunset + 15 mins] to 00:00 AM 75% output 00:00 AM to 01:00 AM 50% output 01:00 AM to 05:00 AM 0% outout - i.e. Lights off 05:00 AM to [sunrise - 15mins) 75% output So if you're prepared to stay up a bit later (and its not cloudy) then you get reasonably darker local conditions which do improve the seeing somewhat. These are national guidelines and there is even a British Standard for street lighting which councils are encouraged to adopt an it takes dimming and switching off
  8. Hi Everyone, Bristol based backyard astronomer here. Just thought I would say hello. I've been browsing the forums for a month or so picking up plenty of useful info and thought it was time I introduced myself. I have a 4" refractor which i use mainly form lunar, solar and planetary observing, but would ideally love to branch out into AP with a decent reflector. So i will probably be pestering you all from some advice from time to time Regards Pete
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