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  1. Not really a sports guy I've had the new scope outside for 3 viewings so far. Absolutely amazing. What's definitely been most impressive to me so far has been the view of Saturn, despite being relatively low on the horizon at dusk (it's setting early here). I had two viewings of Saturn so far, what amazed me was the first, not because it was particularly good but because the conditions were so bad that I never expected to see it. Conditions were much better the second time and I was able to bump the magnification and still have a relatively clear image. I thought alignment of the advanced vx would be more difficult but I've not had much difficulty. I've generally found I need 2 stars + 3 calibration stars for it to be bang on when slewing to objects. I've seen Neptune and Uranus as well, Neptune being just a tiny blueish dot on the 8" EdgeHD, even with a 7mm eyepiece.
  2. Hello! Introducing myself as just another 'newb' to the Astroviewing/photography game. I had a very cheap refractor when I was a kid (I believe it was a Tasco) but that was 25 years ago and I haven't ventured into the hobby since. I live in a relatively small town in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Light pollution here is probably what I would call low to moderate, with much lower levels just a few minutes out of town. My house is situated on a large field, with an excellent view of the northern sky from my back deck and yard, mostly unobstructed from west all the way east. The house faces south, so there are some street lamps out there, and houses that would probably tarnish the southern sky viewing from the front yard. Set to arrive tomorrow is my Advanced VX mount and EdgeHD 8" scope, which I am hoping to really enjoy as I have been window shopping scopes for at least 5 years now and finally pulled the trigger. I've also got a basic Celestron lens kit coming (the one with multiple lenses in the silver case). I didn't want to buy any really expensive lenses until I knew what maginfications I would like/need - the multi-kit seemed relatively cheap and a good way to sample some lenses. I've also ordered a dew sheild, polar scope for the mount, and the Celestron red dot finder. I do plan on eventually converting the included finder scope into an autoguider (likely the Orion varient). No cameras yet, but looking at a D6 body as it seems that is the 'way to go' - Any advice would certainly be appreciated. I do have an older Olympus E-510, but it doesn't seem like I'll be able to use that easily - can't seem to find any adapters that fit? Do you guys think its worth trying to get this camera setup? Anyway, I'll be sure to make some more posts once I get to observing!
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