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  1. Thank you for this it was very useful. Using Stellarium help it just states CTRL3 moves telescope three. I now see the magic.
  2. Having has problems with the Esprit I purchase a Explore Scientific 152 Carbon Fiber from Germany. It is a lovely looking scope and light weight for the aperture as one might expect. Sadly the RGB alignment was so bad probably due to shipping trauma it had to go back to Germany for collimation. Having received it back the problem may have been improved but it is poorer than I would have expected for a scope costing around £4000. As I lack experience in this quality of refractor and I would appreciate some advice on whether or no this level of performance is to be expected or rejected. I attach two images showing cropped lights giving a sequence into and past focus for assessment. General quality of images seem good but it is the red, green, blue fringing around stars I am worried about. Cannot believe my luck. This is the third scope I have purchased. All advice welcome.
  3. It certainly was not sourced from FLO. I have always received excellent service from them. Worry not FLO.
  4. The supplier was not at fault here and as much a victim as myself. Have decided on a replacement the "Explore Scientific 152 Carbon Fibre. See link below: http://www.explorescientific.co.uk/en/Telescope-optics/Explore-Scientific-ED-APO-152mm-Carbon-fibre.html Around the same price with all accessories available and clearly listed on their website. Lighter due to carbon fibre low expansion a bonus. This is a major investment for me so I hope I have got it right this time. Anyone out there have one?
  5. Thank your again for your responses. All sorted. Have had a full refund but this leaves me where I started. Any advice welcome on the best alternative refractor. Am considering the Explore Scientific ED APO 152mm f7.9 Carbon Fibre but the focuser has not had the best reveiws. Real shame Sky-watcher let themselves down on Quality Control.
  6. Update. Received a replacement telescope Sunday. Lens seems reasonably clean but three accessory items are missing. The scope had been out of it's box and I had to remove fingerprints from the scope tube. Also dew shield lining was pealing of slightly. This scope may be an excellent design but on my experience to date I would avoid it. If replacement parts cannot be secured today and a flattener sourced then I hope to return it. I have now lost confidence in this scope. This whole experience has be soured. Any suggestions on a better buy?
  7. Thank you all for your responses will update when I get a replacement. If quality control is bad on the lens contamination I hope this does not extend to the rest of the scope. Thanks also for your welcome.
  8. Hi all I am totally new here so this is my first post. I recently ordered and received a Sky-watcher Esprit 150 supposedly a top of the range Sky-watcher scope. Picked the scope up last Saturday only to return it on Monday due to foreign matter inside the lens cell. See image attached. It is easy to see that there is a white spec inside but zoom in and you can see lots of smaller stuff. Has anyone else experienced this problem. I am hoping this is a one off and the new replacement will not have any contamination in what is essentially a sealed unit. Surely these expensive scopes are assembled in a clean room and tested before shipping. I have also had trouble trying to establish what is shipped in the box with the Sky-watcher Esprit in the UK as it is very different to the US. But that is another story.
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