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  1. Hi Guys, thanks for the input, much appreciated. Well to be honest, I am fantasizing about astrophotography. But I will look into the Orion drive for the CG-4 mount. It sounds as though the CG-4 mount isn't all that accurate? Perhaps your comment on going to the next step/leap is changing the mount, if so, okay and if there is a better mount out there tell me what it is so I can adjust my wallet for the surprise. Let me know, and thanks again. cayote11
  2. Hello to everyone. I want to ask for your advice on two items. I have a XLT 150 refractor and so far it's great. I do not Have a motor drive for it. I also would like to take some pix and want to know a recommendation For a good Astro camera? From what I understand the motor drive and camera work hand and hand Am I right about that? So any suggestions on what I might buy is greatly appreciated. Thanks Cayote11
  3. Hello everyone, I wanted to thank those of you for giving me the links on you tube to help set up my scope and mount, which I am managing to do slowly, but the videos are very helpful. I had a question about hooking up an lcd screen to a refractor. I have one hooked up to my Meade Schmidt-Cass. Has anyone ever tried to do this for a refractor? If so, how did they do it? I had one principle way in mind, using a photomultiplier tube as a pick up, then an optical scanner converter to full frame video, then out to a screen. Voila, I think? The optical splitter (one to the eye piece/camera and the other out to the multiplier) is perhaps difficult? Second question: is google sky a real view of the sky? If so, where is it coming from? If not, then the second part of my question will be mute. but, if so, then I have found a peculiar anomoly on the home page view of the sky via google sky. It seems that two objects are intentionally obscuring other objects behind them. On the Google Sky home page there is a yellow spiral galaxy somewhat centered on the page, but just above that there seems to be two red suns with a red streak partially blocked out between them, and also, another much smaller galaxy as viewed on edge is obscuring something else too. So why would they do that? it looks so sloppy as if they are trying to hide something but not completely out of view. if hiding these objects is their intent, then they are not doing a very good job!
  4. Hello everybody, I'm back as I mentioned in my earlier welcome post, I just assembled my Celestron XLT 150R refractor. I am really anxious to see how it performs. But one of the last two steps in the manual is to balance the scope for RA and for Dec. Well, I have to say I have read a lot of tech manuals in my day but this manual limps. So if anybody has a better explanation than Celestron please come forward, I need your help. On another note, does anybody have any info on motorizing this mount? Thanks Cayote11
  5. cayote11

    Hello To All

    I finally managed to figure out how to get to the posting area. Pretty embarrassing huh! Well I have just purchased a celestron XLT 150R refractor because I previously bought celestron light switch 8" reflector with all of the bells and whistles but alas, it takes so much time to set it up, I didn't use it almost ever. Anyway looking forward to using this new scope. I have a couple of issues which I will bring to the forum a little later. Anyway glad to be here.
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