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  1. seo


    Hi and welcome aboard. Very nice and clear moon picture !
  2. Hi Miguel, wish you happy new year and welcome aboard !
  3. Hi Juan, wish you happy new year and welcome aboard !
  4. Wish Merry Christmas and happy new year 2018 to all - and of course LOTS of clear skies !!!

  5. seo

    Just Joined

    Hi and welcome aboard. Congrats for your new telescope and clear skies !
  6. seo


    Hi Michael and welcome aboard.
  7. seo

    Hello From Malaysia!

    Hi and welcome aboard.
  8. seo

    Hello Everyone

    Hi and welcome aboard.
  9. seo


    Hi and welcome aboard.
  10. Nice work, especially the latest redo. I little darker sky background would reveal more dust at the edges of the galaxy and give more "natural" contrast at the whole image but without flats this is difficult, if you want to have "natural" looking result (even with the use of ABE or DBE in PI). I believe that using masks procedures you can darken the background more. In any case, this is a very nicely done image. Congrats.
  11. seo


    Hi and welcome aboard.
  12. Hi Anshika and welcome aboard.
  13. Hi Víctor and welcome aboard.
  14. seo

    Hello everyone

    Hi Andrew and welcome aboard .
  15. seo


    Hi Brendan and welcome aboard.
  16. Very good result with nice colors. Congrats.
  17. seo

    Hello from Hungary

    Hi Adam and welcome aboard.
  18. Hi and welcome aboard.
  19. seo

    Hello Statgazers

    Hi and welcome aboard.
  20. Nice work, congrats ! Wish you to finish your obsy the soonest and of course... clear skies.
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