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  1. Hello, Does anyone know if you can book a pod through the FLO website please? We want to attend but don't fancy camping! So do we book the pod the same way as the tents and caravans? Thank you
  2. Oh my gosh wow! How did you take these please? We are going to Norway next week to try and see them but have no idea how to take pictures like these!!! Please help?
  3. Awesome! Thank you for the link that shows them by constellation, super for a beginner!
  4. Hello! Does anyone know where I can find some good (free?) downloadable charts for learning the constellations please? The sites I seem to be finding are all very specific, ie you put in a location, date and even time. I would like just general charts that can be kept out all night, rotated through the night and then reused the next. I know I've seen something like this before but I can't think where so was hoping you lovely astropeople would know of some good sites maybe Thank you.
  5. I tried a smaller pair of IS last night and I didn't notice much difference. It still shakes for me too.
  6. Thank you so much for your help guys! I've bit the bullet and ordered Bushnell Legacy WP 8x42s and Opticrons Imagic TGA 8x42s, both with big FoVs! Shall spend the next week or so testing them and then will keep the best pair for me Thanks again everyone, for all your help ps. Big Sumarian, what app were you using for your FoV demonstrations above please?
  7. Hi Steve, Sorry but it seems to be coming up with a 404 error at the moment... (http://binocularsky.com/errordocs/404.php) The other two in that section work though
  8. Thank you so much for your detailed advice Charic! Everyone on this forum is just amazing. I'm going to try and hunt down some optic shops at the weekend to test to see the difference between 8x42s and 10x50s and between the different FOVs. (and see how heavy either pair are to hold above my head )
  9. Thank you binocular sky, sumorian and charic! Charic, would you still pick Opticron Imagic TGA WP 8x42s with 6.5' over Bushnell Legacy WP 8x42s with 8.3'? Binocular Sky, I know I'm analysing a lot and probably over analysing (you're not the first to say this! ) but I just would like the perfect pair, or should I say the most perfect pair for me. Sorry if it seems like I keep mining you for information. I have to acquire some by a week on Friday so my novice questions hopefully won't last for long!
  10. I'm sorry you no longer have them. Thank you for your help though It's really interesting that you think they were bright (just like happy-kat). May I ask, did you ever own a 7x50 pair of binos?
  11. Thank you so much for your help!!! Your last paragraph is awesome, I hadn't been able to find that information anywhere! I'm keeping it for when my bins aren't enough and I need a scope
  12. Wow!!! Thank you so much Your advice is amazing and the pictures on the app thing are really helpful
  13. So far the ones I have been finding are in the £100 to £200 bracket. I don't want to buy something that I'll want to replace in a few months so happier to go higher if it saves me buying twice Although, as nice as they are, IS is too high.
  14. Even the Opticron Imagic TGA WP 8x42s seem a little restrictive at 6.5 degrees FOV...
  15. Thank you I know Binocular Sky is publishing his review of the Opticron's 8x42 soon but I was at an astronomy meeting last night and was given some puzzling information about 42s being dim (and FOVs being different). So I wanted to ask here about what people would recommend generally and about people's experiences. I'm not sure how much magnification affects view so your post is helpful, thank you. Sounds like 8x42s are better than 7x50s. Do you have any 10x50s? I'm worried about the weight and not sure about the FOV, especially after Tinker's helpful post, so definitely leaning towards the 8x42s but not sure if they will be too dim?
  16. Thank you Tinker I'm looking forward to seeing more stars! What you say makes sense. I think I'll go for smaller rather than 10s. IYO please, would you choose 7x50s or 8x42s for a little more magnification? Not sure if the drop in apperture is worth it or not.
  17. So 50'/60' in a 7x should get me 7.1' to 8.6' FOV; and so 50'/60' in a 8x should get me 6.3' to 7.5' FOV Following on from this, and in your opinion please, I've found the Bushnell Legacy WP 8x42s that have a FOV of 8.3 (but now this seems too wide). Someone said that 42s might be a little dim so to go for 50s and recommended Opticron Imagic TGA WP 7x50s with a 6 FOV which seems way too restricted! I'm now in a kerfuffle! Do you have any opinions please?
  18. Thank you both! So if 50' lenses are used in a 7x this would get me 7.1 degrees FOV and in a 10x it would get me 5 degrees FOV? So 60' lenses result in 7x having a 8.6' FOV and 10x have a 6' FOV? So, to try and simplify things a little, this means that any less than these figures then there is internal field stop which is bad? And any more than these figures means that they are using wider angle lenses which is likely to distort the view which is also bad? Sorry if I've over simplified but just trying to get my head around how the maths actually affect real life. Thanks again for your help.
  19. Thank you Dave. I got some confusing advice about FOV last night and had just posted it in a new thread actually annoyingly I'm finding FOV confusing at the moment. Would you recommend a bigger FOV over a certain magnification then? I have found a pair of Opticron Imagic TGA WP 7x50 with 6.0 degrees advertised but jessops have a pair of Bushnell 10x50s with 6.6 degrees advertised. Would this make the 10s really worthwhile? Or it just that the 7s FOV is small for it's kind?
  20. At an astronomy meeting last night someone said that binoculars have a set field of view. So, for example, all 7x50s will have the same field of view, all 8x42s will have the same ... Etc. Should this be true? I know exit pupil will be the same within a size but if FOV just mathematical too? In my bino shopping experience binos of the same size have different field of views advertised. Is this because comers have been cut? Or is it normal for binos that are the same size to have a different FOV? Any opinions appreciated. Thank you
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