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    Dan's DSO's

    Album of my DSO images
  2. Hi All, It feels like a long time since I last used my equipment or posted here. But since moving from a flat to a house I now have a garden I can take full advantage of (weather permitting!) It took a couple of weeks of frustration to get everything set up again properly - not least because I was having serious guiding issues. After re-greasing my mount, updating software, and doing everything I could possibly think of, it all started working. And this is my first serious effort in Ha. I have OIII data to try and collect too but need to wait for more clear skies...!
  3. Well it's taken about 4 weeks to get done due to the awful weather, but I finally managed to do my first colour narrowband image! Elephant Trunk nebula in Ha and OIII (with a 60/40 red/blue synthetic green channel) I'm happy with it as a first attempt but the bright moon didn't help much and I'm always very self critical of anything I try to process. Anyways, please offer any constructive criticism if you have any. Hints and tips to improve my processing are always welcome! Moravian G2-8300, SW Esprit 80 26 x Ha (Astrodon 3nm) @ 1800s (Red channel) 18 x OIII (Astrodon 3nm)
  4. Or if it doesn't fall off you'll end up with a very unusual image!
  5. Register for the Pixinsight trial license and give it a go. Personally, I find it very powerful and far easier to use the PI masks and toolset than trying to get the same results with something like PS and multiple layers. But each to their own
  6. I recently tried out On1 Photo 10 and was fairly impressed. Costs about $100 although there is also a free trial. Found it when looking for an image resizer. I used to use Genuine Fractals years ago and these guys made it - now rebranded as Perfect Resize which is included with Photo 10. It seems to dumb down a lot of stuff compared to Photoshop but makes it easy to get a good result in my opinion. At least worth a look using the trial version. Read positive reviews too.
  7. I actually quite liked Tapatalk to be honest. But I can live without it if necessary!
  8. I used to have the same issue, but plate solving definitely seems to be the best way for me now. Also, probably best not to remove or change the camera if possible in order to keep the same angle when setting up on another night.
  9. Grand Canyon and Utah Canyonlands are both amazing. Canyonlands at night was like looking at a long exposure image in the sky. Could see amazing detail with the naked eye.
  10. Always enjoy watching that - thanks for the reminder. Hadn't seen much (anything?!) in the way of advertising for the latest show.
  11. I used a Bhatinov mask and SGP's focus module to take repeat exposures of a region-of-interest with the camera set to bin 2x2 and 10 second exposures
  12. Thank you. Next step is to get an OIII filter and try some bi-colour
  13. Hi, Managed to get first light with my G2-8300 last night. 12 subs at 1800s using Astrodon Ha 3nm (I don't have any other filters yet!!) Image is uncropped and stacked/processed using PixInsight. My eyes are probably not as experienced or critical as many others here so please let me know if there is something obviously wrong. Personally, I think the focus could be a touch sharper but I was very happy with it as a first go - particularly using 30 minute exposures! All the best, Dan
  14. DanL

    Rough Data

    Rough images. Not the final result.
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