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  1. Mirror lock up on a DSLR is always going to be recommended for long exposure due to the vibration you can get due to the mirror 'slap'.
  2. Hi everyone, now I'm starting to grasp some of the astronomy lingo and have been out a few nights with the scope and loved every second, now my stepson has started to show an interest as well, which is amazing as it gets him off the xbox, however patients isn't his strong point so would my sky watcher 130 attach straight on to this? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-az-goto-mount.html I have read and reread it but my brain cant quite work it out.
  3. That's incredible and a fantastic way to show the images off.
  4. Thank you all for the lovely welcome, hopefully we get some clear nights so I can start bombarding you all with 'newbie' questions
  5. Good morning all, My names Richard, long time lurker but only just made my account. Thanks to the generosity of HMRC giving me a tax rebate I have just dipped my toe (as an adult) into the world of astronomy and purchased the sky watcher 130 eq (foolishly I didn't get the one with the motor) I'm very lucky to live in North Devon so when the cloud goes away (doesn't happen that often) we get lovely big skies, I'm only about 20 minutes from Exmoor national park. I look forward to being an active member on here and hopefully pick up at least some of the masses of knowledge you all have. Sorry for
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