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  1. High thin cloud i would say.some star's faint but visible.
  2. Hi all, just popped out to view iss and noticed two bright 'ish' light's.could that be due to cloud de-fusing the brightness of light reflection from solar panels Did any one else see it.???
  3. congratulations on you'r purchase.glad you'r enjoying this amazing hobby.i was lucky enough to have had a scope bought for me as a birthday present,after a year or so i was so in to it i up graded the scope.now i am imaging with some reasonable result's. good luck and clear skies.
  4. Oh fantastic.what a reward you have had.Lovely to be able to share with you'r son.congratulation's to him on producing such clear impressive images.
  5. Super image's.Very impressive.like watching lunar landings all over again.
  6. Thanks carole. realise stacking is required for better result but still learning that minefeild. AVX mount seemed to track very well,but will have another go when weather permits with guide scope.thank's for reply.
  7. Sound's like you had an amazing time.I'm trying to get image's of that area but not much joy.What am i doing wrong. ??? I have an 8" sct ,nikon d3100, corrector/reducer len's, remote cable for camera. Will i need a filter to get better data.I try different ISO and either get too orange with some image of nebula or too black and just star's ??? Any help please.(plain english please as a newbie to this ) Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi,number eight is my favourite.great colour and focus.what are you using . ?
  9. Hi, i also have a similar image and was impressed with my first attempt. having upgraded some equipment i am looking to also improve same image.if it comes out as well as your's has i will be happy.well done.very nice.
  10. Nice obsy,hope you have lots of enjoyment from it as i have mine.
  11. Hi and welcome,Thanet astronomy group are just up the road at westgate,and meet every saturday afternoon at westgate cafe.any thing you need to know they will help, as well as the freindly people hear. clear skies.
  12. Oh wow.fantastic image.would love to see that first hand. Did you have to travel far for clear skies ?
  13. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. WOW what an image.Impressive
  15. very well done.interesting site.some sound advice.good luck with all you wish for.
  16. Thank you.will take a look.clear skies.
  17. Hi laudropb. glad you had good condition's, i have seen astrofarm on tv and had considerd a trip for myself and wife (who is not astro minded) but wondered if there would be thing's for her to do ?
  18. Fantastic images.they look like something from an appolo mission.
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