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  1. Thanks BigSumorian. I will check out some UHC filters instead.
  2. So basically, unless you pay top bucks for any of the upmarket range of binoculars, you don't quite get what I says on the tin? Hmmmmmm.........sounds like the bino version of the Volkwagon emissions scandal! Hehe!
  3. Hi all. Want to get a good filter so I can see and pick out some nebula better with my soon to arrive Skywatcher Startravel 120T refractor. This one by Skywatcher themselves sounds OK. Does anyone use it and really see a difference at all when using it? I bought a light pollution filter a few months ago and too be honest don't see a great deal of difference when I use it, and if truth be told the views look slightly dimmer, so any feed back would be great. Also, I don't want to spend a whole heap of money just on a filter per se, so I guess my budget for one might stretch to £40 at maximum.
  4. I the train was on one long straight journey, the stars and the constellations would change slowly, but would always appear in the same part of the sky and would only drastically change over hundreds of thousands of years. Circling the planet on a train would show the whole sky of stars and constellations move like we see them on earth; I.e. Orion would always appear in the winter time; Leo would appear more in the summer time etc, and the other constellations would move so that they would appear at certain times of the year as we travel around the sun.
  5. Cool! It reminds me of a scene from the classic horror film 'Poltergeist', where the spirits all slowly walk down the living room staircase in the troubled household! Yikes!
  6. Perhaps a Celestron Travelscope 70 refractor might be a good choice. They can be got for as little as £50, are portable with their own backpack, and you get some good views of the moon, major planets and some deep sky objects too. And if any accidents happen then you haven't lost a whole lot of money. Plus you can add extra eyepieces than the 10mm and 20mm eyepieces supplied with it.
  7. Wow! That is old! And look, the very first wheel is underneath it too! ; )
  8. I think Nikon only make the more expensive models of their binocular range in Japan. The lower models which the Aculon would come under also, are made in China too.
  9. Hi Ed. Welcome. I hope you have better skies for your astronomy down in Southend on Sea than currently up here in dull, wet and windy Kingston Upon Hull. Cheers!
  10. Never heard of that happy-Kat, but the EQ130 definitely does not have one in the focuser.
  11. Can you tell me what imaging equipment you used, and how long was the exposure please so I can try to replicate this audacious astronomical view please! Lol! On a more serious note, can you please cut off a slice of cake and mail it to me at; The hungry astronomer, 130 Celestron Drive, Reflectorville, Telescopeland, EQ130 1UP
  12. Just curious BinocularSky, how can you tell if your binoculars have been stopped down internally? I have three pairs; Celestron Skymaster 15 x70; and two pair of Strathpeys; a Marine 7 x 50 binos and a genera pair of 12 x 50 binoculars. Is it just a case of looking down the barrel of the binoculars to see any stopping down or what?
  13. I have it's big brother, the AstroMaster 130EQ reflector with motor drive. I also have the 70mm Astromaster refractor too by Celestron. The optics of both scopes are OK for a good starter scopes, so you should have some nice views through it, but will be best used for low to medium power magnification for views. You may find that you might quickly outgrow the 114EQ if you want a little more magnification for planetary viewing, and also detailed moon views too. But, as a starter scope it's a decent enough scope to get you into astronomy. Setting up the equatoial mount takes a little practice and time if you want to use it properly. I tend to not use it as an Equatorial mount really, and use it as an alt AZ mount. The slow motion controls are great for keeping the object in view better, especially the higher up the magnification scale you might push the scope.
  14. Strathspey binoculars are very good. These 10 x 50 are on offer on eBay by them for nearly half price. Have great coatings on the lens for astronomy use too. Have two pair of binos by them, and a great way to start off your interest in astronomy. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Strathspey-new-10x50-Waterproof-Binoculars-bird-watching-walking-case-/331676684364?hash=item4d3978904c
  15. I have quite a sturdy Celestron Equatorial mount that it should be OK on to observe with. I reall want a good Alt AZ stand as I am not a big fan of the equatorial mount, but that will have to be next years self birthday/Christmas gift to myself! Hehe!
  16. OK, as an extra special own birthday come Christmas gift to myself I've bitten the bullet and gone for even more light gathering power with a Skwatcher Startravel 120 OTA. Got from Rother Valley Optics, and should arrive on Monday. Only downside is I am away for work next week and won't get a chance to test it out till I return home next Thursday. So I'm hoping by then we actually get some clear skies for some observations! Here's hoping!
  17. Yep.....too good to be true. I'm sure the 80mm is a good scope, but alas that's not what I ordered or wanted, so refund on the way.
  18. I'll give it a try. My weather apps on my phone says it will be clear until around 3am where I am, with some cloud rolling in after that. Fingers crossed! Mr Fish got his forecast wrong just a tad with that storm, so you never know there maybe glorious clear skies to greet us all in the morning!
  19. Hmmm......not looking good. When I ordered the scope from Amazon it was listed as the 102mm scope, yet when I got an email from the company selling it they listed the scope as the 80mm version, the nest model down, not the 102mm. The scope should arrive tomorrow, and if that is the case that I get the 80mm scope instead, I'll either want a full refund, or get them to send out the correct scope That I ordered. I'll update this tomorrow when I know which actual scope I get.
  20. Sorry Michael. Still waking up, and mistook your lounge rating for your user name. Ooops! Me thinks I should have gone to Specsavers! Hehe!
  21. Thanks happy-Kat. I've always heard good things about Skywatcher scopes, so if your happy with your 80mm I will most likely be over the moon (literally) with my new scope. Cheers!
  22. Thanks Supernova. I knew the light gathering power of a refractor wasn't linear, but didn't think it would be nearly twice as much as my 70mm scope. In that case I will have a whole new sky open up before my eyes hopefully.
  23. Thanks Peter. That's what I'm hoping too. I know chromatic aberration is an issue with most of the low end refractors, but seriously I can live with that rather than having to shell out nearly 3 or 4 times as much cash on the same size scope to try to reduce it. I have a Celestron Omni 32mm EP which works fine on my 70mm scope for wide field views, so hopefully it should produce much better results too on the new scope.
  24. I got up at 6am Monday morning, and before I had coffe or any breakfast, or took the dog out for a walk, strolled outside in my jimmy jams, slippers and dressing gown to look at the trio of planets glowing on the morning sky too through my 15 x 70 binos. If I had time I would have got the scope out too for a closer view. Par for the course for an astronomer really!
  25. Just bagged a great deal on this scope on Amazon. Got the alt AZ stand too included for less than I could get the optical tube only from most places. Hope the extra 32mm of lighgathering power from my 70mm Celestron refractor gives some better deep sky views. Anyone got any good experience with this size scope at all, and how good the views are etc?
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