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    Astronomy of course! Oh, and driving on Forza 6 or 7!
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  1. Nice Sunny day, with clear skies, so doing a little WL solar (small AR group on the sun), and checking Venus out too in the daylight with my C8 SCT on my goto mount! :) 

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    2. Knighty2112


      BTW: the magnification with the 32mm EP in my C8 SCT is 63x.

    3. Red Dwarfer

      Red Dwarfer

      Okay on the 63x - I tried earlier this afternoon but could not detect anything in an ST80 / ES8.8/82 that gave around 45x mag - the filter was bought for the ED80 but I use it on the ST80 as it is more compact , especially when used from indoors ... maybe a bigger filter for the ST120 might yield better results with the extra aperture ?

    4. Knighty2112


      In theory the larger the aperture the more the detail seen, although I did get better results from my Omni 120mm ‘frac with my Lunt wedge fitted than the larger aperture on my C8 SCT that had a normal kind of solar filter (an Explore Scientific sun catcher filter for C8) over the front end of it. 

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