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  1. i wear the same stuff i wear when fishing , warm as toast
  2. Woolly hat for me With a sticker second , Any chance of a baseball cap
  3. just started Discovery science channel
  4. Can i have the account details i will out bid and go to £20 I will then give you mine
  5. Top of snowdon is good I have a very nice site nr to Ruthin
  6. it certainly is a beautiful sight . The first time i saw it i was gobsmacked , actually sent a tingle down my spine . I always leave it till last when iam viewing so i can say good night
  7. North Wales gets no mention Surprised there as we have plenty as you get in land
  8. I just had a ride around to find my first one , Now i have a nice one with the owers permission . 30 mins drive away , nice and flat , with hard standing :) i would ask the farmer if he minded if you have the use of his field /gate way , you never know he may come and join you
  9. Gutted to hear that mate . Seems like they came well prepared . Hope you have good luck in retrieving it
  10. Do you have a local astronomy. club ? if so it may be worth going along to one .It would give you the chance to see some scopes in action
  11. Tut tut Don't you know you should never mention the clear word:)
  12. a fantastic thread to give people a idea how big some scopes are could it be made a sticky
  13. Starry nights are especially glorious on the tiny self-governing island, where there is no public street lighting, no paved roads, and cars are banned. Sark named first 'dark sky island' - Yahoo! News UK sounds like the perfect place
  14. ive been using the same one for about 4 yrs @ 20 Ah is is aa bit more powerful than a lot of them
  15. Depends on what you call old .lol I was woke up by my dogs barking , went to settle them , let them out , looked around outside ,nice clear skies but -5:eek: I love my hobby but my bed was a much softer /warmer option
  16. ive had 2 etx,s over the yrs , still got one , never had a problem apart from the inital set up and the fact they eat batteries.
  17. have you been to here LLandrillo College & Coastal Astronomy Society lots of advice given
  18. Dont know if this has been posted before but i found it quite useful . Telescope Calculator
  19. i use my fishing boots feet as warm as toast PROLOGIC ICELANDER BOOTS all i need to do is sort my hands out
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