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  1. Thank you very much indeed, everyone, for replying. I didn't expect so many replies so quickly. As the light was bright and flickering slightly, my first thought was that it was an aeroplane's lights as it also appeared wider than a single star. ... Then I realised that it didn't seem to be moving, so that meant that it wasn't either a plane or a satellite. Yes, the Pleiades does seem to be a candidate, although my eyes could only make out about three or four that seemed to merge into one wide object. So much for my initial thought of a UFO or a plane or other man-made object. I presume that
  2. Good morning. I came to this forum as a complete amateur, aged 63, formerly living in the countryside and used to looking at the sky. However, I have just seen something that I haven't seen before. It isn't moving like an aeroplane and it isn't moving more slowly like a satellite. However, it is wider than a star and very much brighter. It is like three or four stars side by side. It is about North East and at an angle of about 50 degrees up. All the other stars are more dull. I have tried to take a photograph, but my camera isn't up to it (or perhaps I just can't find it with the camera
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