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  1. I agree with Noah4x4 which is the latest method and it works fine for me and my Nexstar 6SE. when taking long exposure imaging with my DSLR, typically around 90seconds for closer Deep sky nebula, I normally repeat the process a couple of times to fine tune. I totally disagree with Cosmic Geoff who claims the alt/az setup is unsuitable as I have had very acceptable results without spending £ thousands on top end EQ mounts. my mature advice is to spend time on the set up.. Accurately level mount before carefully going through alignment. My first attempt at deep sky on my new wedge was the Whirlpool galaxy, image attached. cheers Marty
  2. I have a Celestron Nexstar 5SE which I use for deep sky imaging using the EQ align with the built in wedge. I have been getting great results with this polar aligned set up. I recently purchased the Celestron WiFi dongle to enable use of the sky portal app. Can anyone explain the Process of using the wedge align function as I have tried everything now without success. Thanks
  3. Has anyone got any deep sky images taken with the Celestron 102 , just wondering what to.expect of this scope as I am looking to mount one on my Celestron advanced GT EQ mount
  4. Hi I advertised this last week and got very little response as I guess I had over estimated the used cost. The 127 Mak has now been sold and I am now left with the goto GT mount. I have not used this for a while as it is to big and heavy for my use and I have limited options in my garden. I have used this for astrophotography with some great results as it is a very sturdy and accurate mount. Also has polar alignment scope. I am looking for £200 which i think is a more reasonable price for this piece of kit. I have attached some better photos with the dust brushed off lol
  5. Appologies. Not sure what these sell for these days so am looking for 300 for the mount and 150 for the tube. I also have a selection of eyepieces and other items to go with this. I am open to offers if this is off the mark
  6. Hi Marty

    Welcome to Stargazers Lounge.  We have a policy of only allowing for sale advertisements where the seller states a specific price.  Please will you amend your advertisement to include the price you want for your items.  It is okay to put 'or near offers' in your advertisement.

    Thank you

    1. Marty1012


      appologies, I have put a price up now. I thought I had added it before but am stil trying to negotiate around the forum lol

  7. celestron advanced GT goto mount, very sturdy with Celestron nexstar 127 mak telescope. just dontn get the opportunity to see anything from my hemmed in garden.
  8. OK so I'm corrected the longitude in the custom site before performing a two star align and everything is working fine now with the scope slewing to chosen objects within reasonable accuracy. I think my next purchase should be some kind of crosshair graticule / eyepiece so I can be more accurateaccurate in the setting up and also learn more about the precise GOTO functions in the Nexstar handset. My interest is in astrophotography so I need the most accurate tracking possible . Thanks again for your help in getting me on the right tracks, such a lot to learn lol
  9. Ahh... That could be the problem, i was entering 000 10 22 as per the video i watched on youtube. I have also been reading up on power sources for my GT and it would appear that the 12v motorcycle battery i have been using is not powerfull enough at 1 amp. I have just purchased a jump start power tank from Halfords which is rated at 12v 17mA so that should do the trick and at £39 is was a lot better value for money that the Celestron power tank. Again, thanks all for your support, hopefully get some clear skies in the next few days Martin
  10. May be a dumb question, but here goes.. My location is : Longitude -2 10m 22 s (do i enter this as 000 10 22 WEST) Lattitude 52 15m 28s NORTH Martin
  11. Thanks for the help and advice. When the cloud finally clears I will get outdoors and check the settings again Cheers Martin
  12. Thanks all for your support. Just to clear a few things up... I purchased a used Celestron Advanced GT mount which came with the Nexstar handset (GEM-E) but no tube. All i have done is attached my 127 SLT tube to the mount as it has the same dovetail mountu. I have been through the menu on the handset but cant find any settings for the model but when i access the version it gives me the firmware versions and also states "Advanced GT", i assume therefore that the handset is matched to the mount. I have followed the instructions for alignment and used solar align with various planets which has always successfully aligned, however when i select goto another object it gets close but misses, the amount of error is always the same. Martin
  13. Hi All I am relatively new to astronomy and having some problems. I firstly purchased a Celestron 127SLT Mak which worked fine on its goto alt/az mount. As i am interested in astrophotography I upgraded the mount to a Celestron Advanced GT equatorial mount for better tracking whilst stil using my 127 Mak OTA. After aligning to the stars with the Nexstar hand set I find that the motorized mount tracks quite well, however when i select another object from the handset the scope slews and misses the object and even when i go back to the original object i was tracking, it mises again. I have connected the handset to stellarium and the same thing happens. The curious thing i find is that the the positioning from the abject to the view through the eyepiece is always the same (the error is consistent). I had a thought today that perhaps my 127 Mak being quite a small tube is not aligned to the centre point of the mount ?, ie the distance from the centre point of the mount to the centre point of the OTA is smallert due the the smaller diameter of the tube ?? as if perhaps i need a thicker dovetail bar on the tube and that would account for the error. I have looked on the web and found some text refering to the set up of the Nexstar and the choice of model, however there is no option for model selection or somehow telling the mount the diameter of the tube. I hope all this waffle makes sense and somebody can help, maybe the 127 Mak OTA is not compatible with the advanced GT mount ?? My set up : Celestron 127 SLT OTA Celestron Advanced GT mount Nexstar hand set : HC: GEM 4.21, MC: 5.20 5.20, Advanced GT Thanks Martin
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