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  1. I am going out tonight (if no clouds) for the first time to learn to read the sky. I have a skymap and the naked eye. So can anybody suggest which contellations I should start to learn. And or any other objects. I have seen jupitor but that's all. I can not wait as I have spent 4-6 weeks reading books so that I can be prepared. I really want to stick with this hobby as it seems endless. Cheers Teddy
  2. It's ok Kniclander I like a bit of a laugh. Think I will go with whatever seems to work at the time.
  3. Cheers thing! Just I normally shout at my missus when she asks daft questions
  4. Ha ha I ain't that bad kniclander. Prob better with out them as comfort is important. Will try both I can't see southwest at all from my garden due to trees so will set up a little chimeny fire there so don't effect things (need to keep warm) i will go down the route of w star map then. Guess it takes a while to learn . But how do I know for sure that I get the right star.Don't want to think I am lookin atsomethin only to find out it's the wrong star. Hope u know what I meanwhen I ask that question Cheers for the help
  5. I have just took up this hoppy and I want to get sorted before I go outside. So sorry if these are daft questions but ... I wear glass's , so do I keep them on whilst looking through bino's ? As it's gettin cold would a little camp fire impair my viewing or the quality also , how do I know that the star i am lookin at is the star that I am trying to find. What better following co-ordinates or use a star map. Or both Any help wud be appriciated
  6. Hello all I live in Irlam in Salford / Manchester and was wondering if anyone useing this site lives near me. Also is there any events or clubs in the area. Teddy
  7. Hey thanks for the tips Also thanks for the advice ashenstar as i have taken it and ordered a subsciption for Sky at Night. Cant wait to get the first issue .
  8. Hey thanks for that. I will try the sky@ nite as I am only just starting out and there is so much to take in. Thanks for your help , that's cool ps I am starting by learning the different constelations first. Is this the way to go. Just so much to take in. Any tips on starting out would be ace. What did u do at the start teddy:icon_salut:
  9. I am new to astronomy and I am needing a little help. I was thinking about subscibing to a magazine and was wondering which one is the best to go for. I like the idea of a star chart in each mag and Also help and tips of what to look for Any help would be appriciated. Teddy
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