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  1. Nothing to do with me but they don't seem to be the kindest replies. Maybe ideas and help will then bring on more detailed questions and directions of conversation. I wud be gutted if I asked a question and got such and unfriendly response. Maybe I have read this thread wrong ???
  2. Would be good to have a thread just saying where u live so people cud meet each other...... Or has it been done ?? Soz if it has..
  3. Teddy


    Brilliant. For some reason at the moment I find the elements a fantastic topic. Reading your posts have really helped. Its really strange that with one simply comment from mr cox I have now found out so much more. It's not a simple as his passing comment makes out Fascinating !
  4. Teddy


    Cheers for that How are these other elements formed ??
  5. Hi all The other night prof Brian cox on wonders of the univers said there were 92 elements. I have heard there are more and are so on the periodic table I looked at on the web.... So what's the difference, can someone please enlighten me, Cheers
  6. When there is nothing to do with astro/science on the tele people moan. When it's on ... It's not good enough for everyone I thought it was great and something new
  7. most will miss it anyway as someone will have bought the sky and we will only be able to look up by purchasing it on Pay Per View..........
  8. I like the thought that we could have been put here as an experiment or to be cultivated ?? Do ants know there in an ant farm ?? the whole of the life on this planet could be from an experiment that went wrong and abandond ??
  9. i learnt so much from this one. Loved it. !!!
  10. Why do these threads always end up being so aggressive. Why cant people just be happy there was a programme on the tele that was TRYING to reach or hobby. I am sure that this series can keep running getting more detailed as it goes on. S@N is a more detailed show so its nice to have an alternative. Not many people are being constuctive here.
  11. I loved it. thought it was really well done. i liked the odd breaks in talking to let u reflect on what was just said. i think people are bring a little harsh.
  12. Hi I am so impressed with your work. Do u sell them. U shud do. Love it Nice to see something do different
  13. This year I am unable to make it. Gutted but it's due to the fact I will be looking after our new daughter Brooke who was conceived at SG5. Think she is to small to bring. Hope u all have a great time !!
  14. Enjoyed that little video. Some hard work gone into that
  15. A good idea .... But " I can't believe it's not better" Sorry lol
  16. Having read this thread I feel a little disappointed about some comments. If I was a first timer and logged onto this website after watching the show and read this I would be a little put of. To an newcomer it cud look like we are a group (some anyway) of people who are to serious and a little unwelcoming. Mr Ross represents alot of people who see life a bit different than mr serious. Maybe that's why we are branded geeks by most who don't know us. Just a thought!!
  17. Enjoyed It in the end I should have been patient
  18. This ain't the best so far. A bit gutted
  19. If we are expanding into nothing that's fine. I just can't get my head around the fact the big bang was from something. So where did all that material come from. ?? Therefor could there still be something ?? Sorry if that sounds poor but hard to explain what I mean
  20. I myself love reading about this. I have trouble picturing the shape of our universe and where we are in it. I can't not get my head around the fact there is no edge. If we are expanding I question what are we expanding into. ??? I cant get my head around .... No centre ...
  21. Yeah think I might have one last go if it's clear. Cheers
  22. Is anyone going to see if there is a few late ones out tonight ?? Is it worth it ?? Was cloudy last two nights so hope it's clear !
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