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  1. Didn't get to see it as I was fast asleep. However, I was watching it over a period of time until I went to bed. Just have to say that although I am a new member on this forum, I've always had a passion for the night sky and to me the simple beauty of the moon over the last few nights has been amazing. Such clairty with the 10x50's looking at Tycho's crate and the seas and other craters. I had my Universe book out identifying all the noted areas and thoroughly enjoyed it. Use the new Dob on the Moon last week was brilliant too. The details of the crates etc was amazing and even the wife was im
  2. Hi Rory, Thanks. I'm glad people like the design. Not sure who would make the mirrors. When I first saw it online I thought it looked a little odd compared to a Skywatcher Dob but seeing it in person and comparing the two side by side I knew the extra £58 was worth paying for what I wanted. Not saying it is a better scope of course (I'm not experienced enough to say anything like that) but I liked the features which jane @ Tring Astro pointed out, such as the R&P focuser and the potential to upgrade onto another mount and that the stock EP was a half decent Super Plossl 25mm. Neat touches.
  3. Thank you for the welcome guys. The scope seems to be built ok. The MDF base went together just like flat pack furniture although the instructions differed a little but it was not hard to figure it out. I am hoping now that I have attached the 'missing' piece that it will work when the next clear skies become available. The Stellarium software came with the package and I have downloaded it onto the PC already although have not read how to use it. Practicing to learn the night skies is my first agenda. I'm not really into photgraphy and so would happily rely on others for viewing great pictures
  4. Thanks guys. I tried out the red dot finder at it does seem a bit cheap so perhaps a Telrad will be a better option. I assume they are a universal fit onto the scope in place of the red dot finder. Steve
  5. Thanks. Yes, it is typical. Get the scope sorted at last and then clouds for days ahead. Still, Gives me a chance to lube the Teflon pads and loosen the turn table a tad more. Can't wait. My wife saw the new addition for the first time last night as I bought it while she was away. She is excited to use it too. I appreciate all your helps guys. I couldn't have managed without your knowledge. In the meantime I have the books coming through the post from Amazon. Turn Left at Orion and the Philips Planisphere book. Learning how to use a Planisphere too. Cloudy night reading!
  6. Hi John, Last night I found the piece I was looking for. It was threaded each end too. The reason I dismissed it previously was because I thought it might have been a camera mount. Basically, where the 2" adaptor is fixed to the focuser I found the little allen grub screw undoes, then I unscrewed the 2" adaptor, fitted on this other piece then refitted the 2" adaptor followed by the 1.25" adaptor. I didn't get a chance to test it out but it looks about 50mm in depth so I am guessing this is what was needed. The instructions supplied were non existent and what made me chuckle was that the simpl
  7. Thanks John. I'll call Tring Astro tomorrow and see what they say. I suppose you are right in that a scope should be usable of course, just like anything else. I extended the focuser out to the max (40) and then pulled the eyepiece right out so that literally the end was just touching the adaptor. Sounds like I need a 50mm piece at least then. There was another piece in the box.........I just remembered now. I wonder if that was it. Will check it out tomorrow but it didn't look like one from what I remember.
  8. Just tested it again usiing the 25mm Super Plossl and I extended the focuser out to the max and then pulled out the eye piece and just as I got to the end where it came out of the adaptor I got to see the stars! So it seems like an extender tube is needed. To be fair to Trin Astro, it was their first Bresser in and they had only recently built it up. So perhaps they were unaware of what was required. Can anyone recommend a high quality extender tube to accompany my set up/eyepieces? Thanks again Steve
  9. Thanks guys. I will play around with the eye pieces tonight and move them in and out to see if that helps. I can speak to Tring tomorrow at work. Got some DIY to do during today so no chance to check in the daylight either. ps. I'm learning as I go along so this will all help me.
  10. Thanks guys. Yes, there are two teflon pads each side. I just showed one for close up purposes. There is also a teflon pad on the inside edge where the rockers are to stop them falling off track. The actually rockers themselves have the textured metal plating along the outer curve which rubs against the teflon pads, same principle for the base with round teflon feet along a ring of textured metal. I have some silicon spray I can use to help things slide better. I had used both Hyperion EP's in the 2" adaptor and got the same effect. So I covered all avenues with all eye pieces with focus right
  11. Sorry, I meant to say that I removed the 1.25" eye piece adaptor. I can't see how the 2" adaptor can be removed thus allowing the 1.25" adaptor to fit. Unless I'm missing something very obvious.
  12. Thank you for the replies. I read up about the 2" adaptor possibly being the culprit. However, upon removing the 2" adaptor the aperture of the hole is far to big for the 1.25" piece to sit in. The 2" eye piece part is bolted directly to the focuser and from there the 1.25" slides into the 2" and from there the eye piece is inserted. Jane @ Tring Astro even showed me this. There is a small allen bolt grub screw which I have loosened but the 2" adaptor will not budge and I don't want to be rough with it just incase it's not meant to move. I think the base unit is fairly tight at the moment and
  13. Good morning all, I picked up my first scope (Besser Messier 8") from the very helpful guys at Tring Astro on Friday. I built up the base without issue. The tube mounting was simple enough too. I also purchased a 1.25" variable polarizing filter, Two Baader Hyperion 68deg 8mm and 17mm eye pieces after discussing which ones to buy. The OTA came with the 25mm Super Plossel eyepiece. I looked at the Skywatcher Dobs but I was sold on the fact the Bresser is mountable on either mount types in the future should I wish to and the nice rack & pinion focuser with both 1.25" and 2" options. Clear sk
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