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    committee and treasurer of sunderland astro society
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  1. hi,ken. thank for the reply,was hoping to check it tonight,but,clouds rolled in.will let you know.
  2. thanks for reply,never had this problem before,been using same set up for 2 years now,which is,heq5 pro,115 triplet,with reducer,qhy-11 mone guide camera,180 focal length guide scope.
  3. hi. last night I set up to image m82,i always take a sub(3mins) before I start my plan just to check every thing.to my horror,star trailing.checked phd2,evrything looked normal on the graph. has any one any idea,s.i have attached a screen shot of phd2. ken.
  4. hmm,had my gear running all night and only got one hit,6th may.running a funcube dongle wth spectrum lab,with a 3 element yagi on my roof top.i used to get a hell of a lot more.
  5. hi. interesting topic,i have just bought the zwo183 mono cooled and i don't have a clue about the gain settings,lol. so with a bit of help from friends i took this photo of m82,settings where. manual gain 122. 14x2min subs,camera cooled to -15, no filters,taken through an Altair Astro 115 triplet apo f7. still a long way to go.
  6. have used this for a few weeks now,android phone and tablet,with sky safari pro,no major problems so far.
  7. hi there. I'm in Jarrow in the middle of a housing estate,10 miles east of Newcastle. my equipment is a bought 3 element yagi attached to my chimney,say about 6 meters above ground,facing south. using spectrum lab,with the fun cube dongle. during meteors showers can usually peak about 80 an hour,one of my hits attached. ken.
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