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  1. hmm,had my gear running all night and only got one hit,6th may.running a funcube dongle wth spectrum lab,with a 3 element yagi on my roof top.i used to get a hell of a lot more.
  2. hi. interesting topic,i have just bought the zwo183 mono cooled and i don't have a clue about the gain settings,lol. so with a bit of help from friends i took this photo of m82,settings where. manual gain 122. 14x2min subs,camera cooled to -15, no filters,taken through an Altair Astro 115 triplet apo f7. still a long way to go.
  3. have used this for a few weeks now,android phone and tablet,with sky safari pro,no major problems so far.
  4. hi there. I'm in Jarrow in the middle of a housing estate,10 miles east of Newcastle. my equipment is a bought 3 element yagi attached to my chimney,say about 6 meters above ground,facing south. using spectrum lab,with the fun cube dongle. during meteors showers can usually peak about 80 an hour,one of my hits attached. ken.
  5. hi. anyone else having problems downloading Jessie lite.i am using windows 10 on a Toshiba i5.get it downloaded to comp,but then says corrupted file,wont mount.
  6. I might be reading this wrong also,,,but after stacking in DSS,are you processing in a editing software,gimp,photoshop,pixinsight.
  7. I use splashtop ,windows in the shed,mac book pro in the house,so far ,no problem.
  8. nice, al grant,i was averaging about 130 an hour.was still getting about 60 an hour this morning,9-10am. any idea how to interpret what you see on the screen,i have one from last night ,was there when it came on the screen,was getting a whistle about every second,duration was about 700.to me it seemed as though the metorites where following each other in a long stream,if that makes any sense,lol.
  9. hi al,thanks for that,will check it out this afternoon and let you know, ken.
  10. hi steve and ian. im glad the two of you see seem to confirm the iss theory,some thing else to look out for. i will keep plugging away at colorgramme,it will be something simple. ken.
  11. hi all. still can not get colourgramme to work,but thats another story. while sitting at the computer looking at spectrum lab,there was a strong whistle,when i looked at it,i was going diagnoal across the screen,on a hunch i checked where the ISS was and sure enough it was passing over north africa. anyone confirm this,or am i barking up the wrong tree.by the way,the time was 12-51pm local(newcastle uk). finally got pic sorted,problem with other pc. cheers ken.
  12. hi al. thanks again for replying.like the idea of that stick,looks good. running cheap sounds good,keep the wife of my back,lol. ken.
  13. hi al. thanks for replying,i will have a look at the script you posted. I'm determined to get it running,but like i said earlier,not the best with computers. since i changed the antenna from the loft to the chimney,massive improvements,40-50 hits an hour,mainly afternoon best time.its aligned in the vertical plane if anyone is interested. how do i manually create the meteorlog dir.,,,,,,,. ken.
  14. hi al. i have filled all the boxes in.now when you say correct .dat file.what is that. i have it running,,, live spectrun lab. i am getting about 40 to 50 hits an hour,but nothing shows up in the boxes,god,i hate explaining things,lol.i am useless. if you ever have any spare time,could you explain bit by bit what you do,i would be grateful. ken.
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