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  1. So i was browsibg through facebook bored and srumbled across an article about iphone photography it mentions the earphones that come with the iphone this doubles up as a remote release for tge camera when in the camera app plug in your headphones and when you want ti take a picture you press either volume button on your headphone wire thaught i would share for you guys
  2. so never tried a wide field night time pic before so thought i would have a go i'm quite impressed for my first attempt onwards and upwards Shot taken from my back garden The motorway bridge round the corner Above me in my garden The local quarry:) all pictures taken with Cannon 1000D ISO 1600 20 sec exposures single frames
  3. Hi i dont atm but ill switch the laptop on when i get a chance and take 1 of the settings pain in sharpcap
  4. sometimes leaving the dustcap on the end of the scope but taking the little cap of steps down the apeture that may help aswell
  5. i have the 200p and this has been 1 of my targets for a while i have the eq5 aswell and i tend not to push it over 45 -50 seconds as i dont have guiding however in a few weeks i will be guiding so think ill wait till then lovely picture mate well done
  6. for some reason with thisperticular webcam the gain isnt adjustable in sharp cap or not for me anyways lol
  7. i dont use icap i use sharpcap in there i set my my frames per second high as it will go around 30fps max for me and then mess with exposure and other settings you wont bring out much detail in live view i could just about make out GRS when that picture was taken
  8. hi pipp reduces the amount of frames in your avi files it takes the best ones out getting rid of all your blury out of focus frames so that way when you put your new avi in registax it is a small avi file full of good frames once stacked the image most of the time looks a little clearer but still blurry you need to use wavelet settings then you processing software to tune up your image this is a link to a youtube vid i watched when i started not to long ago gave me a basic idea but i think the best way is just to mess around with different setting s and see what works for you i also here neod
  9. hi sorry i dont know much about video quality i would like the same infor tbh i have the lifecam 3000hd im presume yours is the same or similar i tend to just mess around with the settings in sharpcap and do what i can lol i do find with jupiter the more frames the better i usally do about 40 500 frame videos load them all into PIPP and tell it to give me the 1200 best ones it loads them into a new avi file which i then put in registax my results arent brill and can be improved upon this is jupiter from last night i have the 200p though
  10. The Picture was taken with Skywatcher 200p EQ5 Mount Cannon 1000D 50 Frames at 1/100 ISO 200 best 90% Stacked in Registax
  11. hi guys looking for target suggestions basically this is my setup skywatcher 200p e15 + Synscan, UHC Filter, Coma Corrector, Cannon1000D So atm i cant guide im getting my guiding setup in a few weeks so be fixing that issue soon but because of this im limited i was wondering if anybody can recommend a good target for me to choose i can typically manage around 60 seconds exposure without trail but thats pushing it lol my max iso is 1600 but usally do 800 ive done m42 but with out guiding i know im limited so can anybody suggest anything?
  12. I believe different colours can really make jupiter pop i intend to use more filters in my imageing soon but for the moment im just getting used to the equiptment clear skys
  13. so a third attempt at imageing planets and here is my attempt for jupiter tonight im on the right track i thinkl Camera: Microsoft Lifecam HD3000 Frames : 5000 reduces to 1200 with PIPP Processing : Stacked with Registax Plus a few wavelet edits then finished of in adobe lightroom
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