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  1. Thanks for the advice, i will definitely be buy the StarSense and the StarPortal. As for a camera i do own a Canon EOS 1100D with the connectors to fit it where the eyepieces go. I have never had much look with it using it like that i always asumed it was too much extra wight for the motors to work well, but also did not help that it was not aligned well. I love using the camera for starfield shots when its on its own mount.
  2. Thanks i will take a look at this, but im sure the only issue is me.
  3. Thank you for the help, i will add one of these spliters to my list of things to buy.
  4. Yes my telescope is level, i have a small bubble level on it to make sure, and i know the finder scope is aligned as if i move to an object manually it is always is the telescope. I just dont know where many things are so im sure its me just doing a bad alignment.
  5. Hi all, So im looking at buying my self some new Equipment for my NexStar 6SE and i was hoping to get some help. Im thinking about buy a SkyPortal as i like the idea of been able to control my telescope with my phone, plus all the extra information it has on what you are viewing will be useful for when i have friends and family out with me. I am also considering buying StarSense, if their is one thing i hate and always seem to get wrong is the alignment of the telescope. When ever i align the telescope nothing is ever in the center of the eyepiece or if it is in the eyepiece at all its only for a couple of minutes. Its the alignment process that often puts me off from going out. So i think both of these would be a good addition to my Equipment, how ever i have read that they both need to be plugged in to the AUX port on my telescopes mount. My telescope only has 2 ports on it one is labeled AUX and the other is labeled Auto Guide. But both of the ports look identical. So would i be ok to plug both of them in to these ports or would i need an adapter to give me more AUX ports? Also would both of these devises work together. Say i turn on my telescope will i be able to use my phone with the SkyPortal and be able to tell it to do the Auto Align with the StarSense? Then their is one last thing i would like to buy. a NexImage 5 Solar System Imager. I would love to take some videos with it and then get a nice looking photo out of it. I have seen some people saying i would need a 0.5 Focal Reducer to get good quality out of my telescope, is that correct? if so can you explain what this Focal Reducer does exactly. Thanks in advanced for any help you can give.
  6. Yes from what i can see of answers to this post and during my research the numbers always varies. But if i take the most common answers this is what i get at as ruff guess. 1. How many Stars are their in our Galaxy? I get so many different numbers from this search but the most common one is 100 Billion Stars in the Milkyway. 2. How many Galaxies are their in our Local Group? Once again I get many different numbers but 54 Galaxies is the one that repeats the most. Also im told the ruff amount of stars in our Local Group is 1.5 Trillion 3. How many Galaxy Clusters are their in our Local Supercluster? from what i can tell our Local Supercluster is called Laniake, and this has 500 regular clusters. So assuming each of these 500 clusters has about 54 Galaxies then that gives us 27000 Galaxies. So if each cluster has about 1.5 Trillion stars thats 500 x 1.5. giving us 40.5 Trillion Stars in our Supercluster. 4. How many Superclusters have we found so far? If google is accurate we have found about 10 Million Superclusters. So assuming each Supercluster has 27000 galaxies thats 10 Million x 27000 = Two Hundred Seventy Billion Galaxies, a number to big for me to know how to type as a number. 5. How many starts in total are their in all of the Superclusters? So if we go with Two Hundred Seventy Billion galaxies and each galaxy has about 100 Billion stars thats Two Hundred Seventy Billion x 100 Billion thats a sum i cant get any calculator to work out. I know not all Galaxies have the same number of stars and that each Cluster and Supercluster will have different numbers of Galaxies in them. I also know we are not the largest of any of these categories but at least its a ruff guess and im sure the actual number is far larger.
  7. Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked before but every time i do research in to this i get different answers from different sauces. Not sure if im looking at out dated information or not so im hoping if i ask my questions here i can get the most up to date answer. So my questions are; 1. How many Stars are their in our Galaxy? 2. How many Galaxies are their in our Local Group? 3. How many Galaxy Clusters are their in our Local Supercluster? 4. How many Superclusters have we found so far? 5. How many starts in total are their in all of the Superclusters?
  8. hi i am interested in looking in to this a little more, but i can find anything to do with the app you mentioned if i google skyscaninit it brings up 3 results and i dont believe any of them are correct. can your share more info about this app?
  9. Hi all, So im after a new telescope. Im currently on my 3rd one and i would like some advice and suggestions. So let me give you a brief rundown on my past 3 telescopes. My first one was a very cheap one, it cost me in total about £80 ($104). It was a Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope. What i liked about it was... it was light weight and easy to move around. This telescope told me that i did indeed enjoy observing the night sky, even tho i only looked at the Moon, Jupiter & Saturn with it. So in less then a year i sold it and moved on to my second one. it was a Skywatcher Skyliner 300P FlexTube GOTO. Now typical me knew i liked astronomy and wanted to go bigger and better. Well i got bigger but this scope was not for me. It was way to large and heavy for me to move around on my own. Im not a strong guy, im small and skinny. So i found my self hardly using it, but when i did i loved the views i got to see. Then a couple of months later, i knew i had to sell it just because i was struggling to use it due to its size and wight. So my third telescope and the one i currently have is a Celestron Nexstar 6SE. I have been using this one now for a couple of years, but still feel like its not a perfect fit for me. I once again like this one due to its size and wight i can move it around on my own. I do like the goto feature but sadly i have never mastered the it. Im bad at star hopping and i believe i have never had it correctly aligned. Also when it asks me for my coordinates i never know what to put in. I have looked online and on my phone but each website and my phone give me different results and in different formats. So im now starting to feel like i need a new one, and these is what i feel would fit be best. If their is a scope that matches it. Something thats not too large and is light, as i said im not very strong and im rather skinny so i need to be able to move it around on my own. Something motorized i liked the goto but did not like the set up of it. would be nice if their is a scope that i can control from either my laptop or my smartphone. for example once connected to my device it would use the internet to fill in my coordinates, dates, times, location ect. then using a graphic interface for me to be able to click on an object and for the telescope to auto point to it. Self powered, dont know if that would be possible but something with an inbuilt battery would be grate, to power my Nexstar i have to carry a heavy battery and a log cable that i have nearly tripped over many times. Thanks in advanced for any help and suggestions you can provide, Joe
  10. Hi Kat, yes i feel like my lens has a great reach im still trying to find time to look at those guides but im back at work now so finding the time is hard.
  11. Hi Michael, Yes i do have a tablet that can use a usb, i will look for that app. I also have a laptop i use with the camera teats actual how i took the photos. I connected the camera with usb and used the canon tools to adjust the settings and take the photos. I will also look for this Backyard EOS and have ago with getting it focuses with that. Hi drmillrace, thanks for the tip, the centre of my tripod dose have a hook. i will hand something heavy from it next time i go out and its windy.
  12. Hi Kat, I will take a look at that site and have a go at following the guides, hopefully i will have some success
  13. Hi Kat, the wind was not too bad, was still their a little but at least this time i could not see the camera shaking.
  14. Hi Everyone. Just wanted to thank you all for your help. I have been out last night and took some photos of The Pleiades. However i do need some help now with the post processing, i feel as if im not doing a good enough of a job. So if you think you can help me out i have started a new topic for this to be discussed. You can find it here http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/260760-help-post-prosessing-the-pleiades/ but if your just interested in seeing what one of my exposures looks like you can see that here https://flic.kr/p/CK3eSj (that’s just one exposure of 23, unedited)
  15. Hi all, So i have been out last night and i have taken 23 photos of The Pleiades. The photos were taken with just a Canon EOS 1100D on a tripod. So the settings that i used on the caera are as follows; Resolution: 4272 x 2848 ISO: 3200 F-stop: f/5.2 Expsoure: 1.3 seconds Focal Lenght: 300mm So here is what just one of these photos turned out like https://flic.kr/p/CK3eSj looks ok to me, but im no expert. So i then used Deep Sky Stacker to stack my 23 images (+5 dark images) to make this result https://flic.kr/p/Dcawvz to me this looks wores than the singel photos. I then moved that stacked photo in to photoshop and did some editing and this was the result https://flic.kr/p/CeM3Ze maybe a little better, but now it seems too dark. So far i am not happy with the results. So i took just one of the photos and did some photoshopping on that and got this result https://flic.kr/p/D4SHcg i feel this looks better than any of the others but shouldnt the stacked ones be better? Please can anyone offer any advise? i would love to see this photoshoot i did look as best as it can. Thanks in advanced for any help you can give.
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